Tuesday, December 8, 2015

T Stands for My Helpers

With a woooooosh and a plop!  We have landed on Tuesday again.  I hope I find everybody well, and ready for the Ho, Ho, Ho of the holidays as I jump from blog to blog, this morning, seeing what the multitudes of the T-gang are offering up for a tasty drink.......You know not of this? Click on the blue tea pot on my side bar or HERE.
Last week I was feeling like something that had been drug down a road full of rocks.  I did go to the Medicine Man on Thursday, and he gave me some VooDOOO  pills and some super strong cough medicine  ( LOL). Said my lungs were a weeeezzzzzzing and gave me a breathing treatment too........almost like smoking a peace pipe!!!
By the weekend I was feeling better, so the GDs came to help me decorate the tree and house.....and for a sleepover.
They went right to work on the tree.  They wanted the story about each ornament.  Where I got it, or who gave it to me and how long I've had it.  Hannah got the honor of the tree topper, as Megan got to do it last year.  She had to stand on the end table, as I held onto her, to reach the top......she is so tall for a 9 year old!!
Megan had the biggest hand in decorating this antique table that greets our guests as they walk in.  The angels are an OLD Home Interior product that were my Mom's.......I just love them.
Then they too a quick break, had a candy cane and played a game of cards and drank a glass of "fuzzy" water.  Now fuzzy water is just a carbonated, flavored water from WalMart.  Hannah started calling it that when she was about two.  The bottle with the orange bands on the the flavor we drink called Mandarin Orange.  No sugar, no salt, no calories, no coloring hmmmmmm???? makes ya wonder.......but we use it as an alternative to a regular soda.
We decorated the mantel and set a few more things out, then it was time to make the Gingerbread House. I bought a KIT at the store, and you should have heard Papa give me a load of crap for not baking my own gingerbread.......LOL  Now Megan might be tall too, but still so tiny that I finally told her to get ON the bar top so she could reach.  I frosted the pieces together and then let THEM do all the rest.  The last thing they decorated was the two gingerbread men, and I let them eat them. Now I had to wipe frosting from Megan's hands, feet, and her jeans..........oh my!!
Now, Papa doesn't like being "left out" (even  though he doesn't do crafts) so he decided to make root beer floats for him and the girls. The girls had theirs as they watched "The Grinch that Stold Christmas."  Even with ALL that sugar, they finished the movie in bed and were asleep in the blink of an eye by 9 PM.
We painted three wine bottles white, then took them outside, where I sprayed them with adhesive. The girls rolled them on the ES, and then we repeated steps two and get a really good coat of ES on them..........and Megan was pretending to be a statue on a palm tree stump......*grin* Notice the sweatshirt and the flip flops......yes it's winter in southern California......LOL

Here are our wine bottles.  They made the snowflake tags, with left over snowflakes I made, for around the necks and then we added some silver sprigs to them.  They took them home, so I'll have to make a set for me......right after I buy more white paint.....LOL 
Megan finally noticed the wooden letter that have been floating around the craft room of three years!  They were on sale at Michael's, and I kept waiting for them to put out a T, and a D  The first initial of ALL my GKs ( at the time) NOW I need an S too.  Since I sincerely don't think that will happen I let these two decorate theirs and take them home.
I did show Hannah how to make the 3D snowflake I found through Darla's post last week......THANK YOU DARLA!  Hannah made a large one and a medium one....which I didn't get a picture of.......then she took them home, so she can show Rachel how to make them.
Last, but not least they decorated these two little spiral trees that I sit right outside the front door.  They are pre lighted, but we always hang small bulbs on them, so they are pretty during the day too.
That pile of red bows, next to Megan's head will all go on her tree.
This will be that last year for these trees, as the lights don't all work anymore, and look a little odd when they are plugged it......but we'll see.
After all the decorating, with such good help, I ended up on the sofa all day yesterday coughing and dosing off.  The cough medicine has codeine in it and THAT makes me fall asleep. ( I just used Robitussin while the girls were here).  That must have been what my body needed cause I feel much better today. I wasn't worried about the girls catching this, because their Dad has the same thing. :((
Tonight is the Bakersfield Bucketlist Bunnies first fundraiser.  It will be five wines pared with food and a fashion show.  I'm really looking forward to it and hope I remember to take picture...LOL  I invited my dear friend Cathy to go with me, so it should be a lot of fun  I have attended three other events, alone, and have really enjoyed myself. There is a short description of this group I posted HERE.
Sunday evening I will be painting this, called Sunset Boulevard,    with a large group of people. It is the "going" thing around here these days  There are a couple of different groups.  It cost me $25.00, but they bring EVERYTHING and it will be a 16" x 20" canvas.  These events are held in establishments that serve drinks and some are in restaurants.  This painting is with Paintnite.  It is usually $45.00, but I bought mine through Groupons and got the discounted price. 
In January I am painting with Brush and Blush Easel events and we will be painting this: Called Night Wine.
The B&B events are cheaper, this one is only $10.  All the paintings, in both groups are very easy, it more about getting out with friends and having a good time.  You do have to be over 21, but you do not have to drink alcohol beverages............but I WILL be drinking wine....LOL
I know this is a LONG post so if you have made it this far, please leave me a comment, now I'm off to see what is being served up by the rest of the T-Gang
Inky Hugs


  1. Lovely post Krisha, your Granddaughters are brilliant :) Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. What a wonderful post! Loved seeing the photos of you all making your wonderful decorations and having fun together. Those frosted bottles are gorgeous! Love the idea of painting and drinking wine, sounds like BIG fun! Enjoy the season with your family. Hugs, Valerie

  3. What a wonderful post this was to read Krisha. Your granddaughters look lovely girls and clearly have lots of fun crafting and spending time with you. I really enjoyed looking at your photos and those bottles do look very pretty.
    Hope you're soon feeling better and have a great time with your family. Barbxx

  4. How wonderful to have such sweet grand-daughters! (Our first is due on Jan. 24. She'll be joining her four-year-old brother. My son and daughter-in-law are simply over the moon about their daughter.) Feel better. Rest. Enjoy your families. Easy prescription, right?

  5. Well I was certainly impressed with your helpers. They do more in a weekend than I do all week. No wonder it took you so long to get it loaded. I really enjoyed it all, from the Fuzzy water to the root beer floats, to the beautiful wine bottles. Your house just OOZES of Christmas. I love it, and the photos on the mantel wreath didn't go unnoticed by me, either.

    I hope you have fun at your paint parties. I've heard about them, but since I can't draw, I've never ever considered joining one.

    Loved the photo of Megan in the flip flops. SOCAL is such a different world, isn't it?

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us, as well as all the drinks, and art for T this Tuesday. Again, your house looks very Christmas-y.

  6. Oh what fun to be at your house surrounded by all the crafts, glitter and glue and treats. I'm glad to see you used the snowflake tutorial I posted about. I think they are great - a big bang for the buck too. Made me really happy to see your GD's making them. Made me feel I have a tiny part in your Christmas.

  7. Oh thank you for sharing SO many awesome things in this post Krisha!!(of course, outside of that nasty stuff you've been dealing with) So good to see the gds again, and having such a good time with you all! Wonderful projects all around. These paint parties are kinda trendy here too-several new places have opened up in the last two months. I just hope the market doesn't get an overload around here or businesses will be closing-just like when there was HUGE thing about cup cake shops. The paintings you are going to do look fabulous and I hope you have a great time doing them too. Enjoy all your festivities and wishing you 100% recovery VERY soon. Happy T day!

  8. I'm happy to know that you are feeling much better Krisha. Yet you had been super busy with your granddaughters. Loved all the pictures and stories you have shared here. But oh my! those upcycled wine bottles are my favorite. They are so pretty. Wish you a wonderful time with both the art classes you are going to take. Have a lovely week

  9. I hope you are feeling lots better soon. You couldn't have had better helpers, though. The tree looked wonderful and the entryway angel table...and the gingerbread house. You have such fun with those girls!! Even when sick. I am getting well, myself, finally. For real!! LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  10. i enjoyed seeing your Little helpers and once more i thought it would be better to get the tree up in Advent (Tradition here is to have it from Christmas eve until epiphanie on jan 6). take care of yourself!!
    happy belated t-day and rest of the week!

  11. Oh my gosh ! What an AMAZING post Krisha! Wonderful how you and the girls - the whole family - is so so creative ! I love this!
    Gorgeous bottles are these!
    Happy very belated T-Day (sorry for being so late but I have a bit of pre-christmas stress


  12. whew! I am out of breath just reading about all of the fun activities...I want to come to your house! guess I should wait until you are well, though...who knew that epsom salts would be so glittery!? love all your decorations and projects, those GD are adorable, but you know that! Have fun at the painting events...we will want to see your results! ;) happy belated T day!

  13. I am late,late,late--and I wish I could say because I was doing awesome crafts like the bottles in ES or decorating like your elves, but time just slipped away from me this week! Glad you are feeling better though!

  14. What a gorgeous post!Love your crafts and your granddaughters!It is always wonderful to create!Happy belated t-day:)