Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Time for a Second Look

 Taking a look back


Gosh! here it is December 2nd already and time to link up with The Altered Book Lover.....Elizabeth for a second look at what ever you want to share.   I was asked (yesterday) if I'd have the GDs for holiday crafts.  With them all in school these days it is hard to tell, maybe a little closer to Christmas......when they are on Christmas break........oh, I'm supposed to call it "winter break"....well, not HERE......I still say Christmas!!
So, looking back, I found this T-Day post of Hannah and Megan and their craftiness.....
Megan was 3 and Hannah was tell me, WHERE DID THE TIME GO???

Monday, December 30, 2013

LasT T sTands for Tuesday for 2013

The last time to link up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for this year for a good cup of Tea, coffee, juice, adult beverages and for us a cold soda.  I got to have both GD's today (Monday here), Dad came by and took them to lunch (as grandma stepped on the scale this morning and stayed home! LOL) So they brought their sodas back with them, and then it was "craft time".  They made birthday cards for Papa's birthday in 3 days.  Megan made  decorated a pencil holder and Hannah decorated a box for his wallet, keys and change.  Their gifts were covered with silver duck tape and stickers.....LOL
Megan coloring her card for Papa

Here she is showing off her work.
 Notice Dyna waiting at the patio door to come back inside?

Hannah showing off her box.
I always love having the girls come to visit, we keep each other busy doing things and playing games.  So it was a GOOD day!
So what are you doing today?
Plans for the new years eve?

Inky Hugs


  1. How lovely! Our grandchildren are growing up so quickly, I'm glad we have girls who like to craft! (although I only have one! ) A great second look! Chrisx

  2. I'm delighted you shared this post, Krisha, because it is one I'm fond of. These girls have grown up right before our eyes, too.

    As for WINTER break, I still call it Christmas break, too. I may be politically incorrect, but it's still a break in which Christmas (and New Year) occurs.

    Thanks for bringing this back for a Second on the 2nd. It was fun seeing it again.

  3. Love to see the girls again... Happy second look on the second!

  4. Wonderful post Krisha, lovely photos of the kids. Time goes by too quickly sometimes! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Oh my gosh--what cuties! Of course, they are cute at every age! Glad you brought this one back because it is always fun to see your crafting GDs!

  6. How cute are they! And what great little crafters they are too!

  7. Lovely to see young girls making art and crafts. The boat is very skilfully drawn and coloured, and the box looks super-colourful and happy. Well done girls!