Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas cards interrupted!!

Well, hello there! Seems like I haven't gotten to post in forever, instead of two weeks!  We no sooner got back from our Thanksgiving jaunt to the desert and things began to jump around here.  Good thing I managed to get some Christmas cards made while we were on the desert.

My friend's birthday was the 28th, so I spent a couple days making her a journal with a challenge to list at least three things, daily, to be thankful for in it.  I didn't get any photos....bummer....I think it was still damp when she opened it.......ya, that's how close to the wire things have been around here. Next up was the sell of my rental......the house I grew up in.  We had it pretty well lined out, just waiting for the buyer to close escrow on a different property to get the money for my rental.  I signed the escrow papers at 8 a.m. and it closed by 3 p.m.! But it took three trips into town to get it all done. LOL!

Yesterday was our #3 granddaughter's birthday, unfortunately they live in San we Face Timed them, last night, on my cell phone to say happy birthday. Her birthday party isn't until Saturday and we are heading down Friday night so we can make the party.    

The above card is what I made her this morning .......good thing that party isn't until Saturday...LOL!
She is so very into the princesses and pink!

Isn't technology something???  I can remember being able to see who you were talking to as something in the far off future.........NOT!!  It is possible this the far off future already???  I'm a little behind really, I just learned to do this, on my phone, a couple months ago.  The kids and grandkids have been doing it for over a year!

Since this is December 1st, and there is nothing I absolutely have to do today ( birthday card done....BAM) I think I'll start getting some Christmas decorating done........shoot, I might even get dressed....LOL!!

Inky Hugs
Krisha                  I do love to read comments and appreciate every one of them!


  1. Lovely card, just right for the big occasion! Hugs, Valerie

  2. I'm really LOVING this. You really got this one finished ahead of time for the party. Now we expect photos from the party, too (HINT).