Tuesday, December 27, 2016

T Stands for Getting Prepared

Only 4- 5, depending on where you live, days left in 2016, are you ready for the new year???

It is frosty out this morning so I hope you brought along something warm to drink.
I know the T-gang are here with their drinks in hand.  My coffee always comes with me in the mornings.

I came in here to work on a journal for the new year.  It had been put together and some paint put on the pages over a month ago, then set aside as the holiday grew closer and things started to really get busy around here.  I have it set up, like a planner, with a week spreading across two pages......Monday through Sunday.  Well, the 1st of January is a Sunday hmmmmmmm! Hadn't thought about THAT!
So the first day of the first month is on the first page....LOL! 

Here are a few pages from my trial run. You can see the 2017 journal under it waiting for a bit more of something.  It started as just a journal, a week on each page, but I wasn't consistent about writing in it, until I started adding paint, inks, stickers and an extra flap.  Once I did all that I found it fun to write in it daily. The last week....which is this week.... doesn't have an added flap, as I changed the format AFTER I made the journal. I actually leave it on Betsy (my craft desk) and write in it in the morning, while having my coffee, instead of at the end of the day.  What ever works....right?

I didn't take a lot of photos of Christmas, as we are breaking it into two parts this year.
This is Christmas Eve, at our oldest son's home, all the adults gathered around the dinning room table to play Yahtze.  With 8 of us playing it took a while for the dice to get around the table, but we had a really fun time playing.  That is our DIL to the right (Hannah and Megan's Mom) she is talking to her Dad, Randy, the two on the left are her sister and BIL. We had Christmas diner with Randy and his wife at their home.......but I forgot my camera.

So this coming weekend we will be doing our Christmas here.  Our youngest son and his family are coming for the weekend so the house will be full of all our grandkids.......really looking forward to having them all together.
At the beginning of the month my friend Patty and I decided to get together and paint.  She and I met during those paint nights that I was going to.  We both went alone and ended up sitting by each other and a friendship was born.  She has also become an avid stamper!

This time it was just her and I painting, to see how things would work, and how to set up stuff, as we are wanting to put a group together and paint.  We actually were painting along with a You Tube tutorial that we had both agreed on.  You can barely see the TV on the right. We both have friends that want to paint and as of now that makes 6 people, I think her and I figured out how to set it up for 6 people and still have room to move around.  The paint nights are set up really, really close.....only about 6" between canvases......and we are all tired of being so cramped up.  So we will see how this will all work out after the new year.

Patty and her painting.

This one is mine.

Well, my cup is now empty, how about yours? I'm off to the kitchen to get a hot refill and then do some journaling and more work on the new journal........I might even put a cover on it....LOL!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great LAST week of 2016!
Inky Hugs


  1. Lovely post, great paintings, and I love your journal. Enjoy the last days of the New Year, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Happy T Day Krisha!
    I have missed you.
    Fun post and what a great time it looks like you and your friend, Patty had!
    I am entertaining the idea of doing a January art journal.
    Yours looks super already.

  3. LOVED this post. So glad to see your new calendar. Of course, it puts mine to shame. I write mine at night after the day's events have transpired. If I don't I'm a day behind. OK, don't laugh, since I seem to be at least a MONTH behind this year!

    I enjoyed both the Christmas photos and the painting photos. I think six people who like to paint, and don't feel constricted by a teacher who knows less than you, or a venue that packs you in like sardines, will draw a lot of attention (pun not actually intentional, but appropriate). I hope it works out.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee, as well as your Christmas drinks with us for T this Tuesday. Thanks, too, for sharing your art and journals.

  4. I'm impressed that you have such a head start on your 2017 journal. I like your idea of adding something like embellishments or a flap that will keep you coming back to it day after day and anxious to do so.

    Your painting came out great. Happy T Day, Krisha!

  5. Wow that journal is a fanastic idea - great that you had so much fun with the family! Enjoy the next visitors as well!
    Amazing paintings -- I would like to join your You tube at home painting group! Must be fun to do paint together with friends! I don't find like-minded spirits here. But it's o.k. - so I do my crafting alone.
    Happy New Year dear Krisha!

  6. A super post and I think your journal is a great idea. The paintings look fantastic, such a great thing to do alongside friends.
    I send you and your wishes for a Happy new Year.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  7. Your planner/journal looks fabulous. I admire folks that can creatively plan their week and get stuff done. I somehow spend more time playing in the journal instead of ticking off items on the to do list. Have a creative New Year.

  8. What a great idea and such a lovely way to start the day by writing your journal while having your coffee - perfect! I think adding paint, inks and stickers would inspire me to complete it daily too :-). Both paintings are lovely and it must be so much fun to be able to share this with a fellow artist and friend Patty! Happy T Day and enjoy the last days of 2016 too! Wishing you a Happy New Year and may 2017 bring you joy, peace, love and light! J :-) x

  9. seems you are on a wonderful creative start into the new year! have lots of fun and stay healthy and lucky!
    and up to many more t-day visits:) xox

  10. Happy belated T day. I never got around to the rest of the posts last night as my washer bellowed blasts of stinky burning rubber and I had to go buy a new one last night. :( But I am loving your new 2017 journal. You are ready! I am trying a pre-made one this year that started last week and so far I like it. And how fun to do a painting get together. They both look good, and I love how different styles each is. Have a wonderful start to your new year Krisha. I am glad I got to know you and hope to see more in 2017! Hugs-Erika

  11. How fun to get together to paint. A friend and I keep talking about getting together to paint/craft but we never seem to make the time. Perhaps you have inspired me to make that happen after the kids go back to school.
    Happy T day...a day late!

  12. I'm late (again) due to being where there is no internet connection. Thank you for the beautiful card - I always appreciate mail.

    Looks like you are going to be so busy with the creative stuff. I really like the idea of a journal for the year. History tell me that I'd never keep it up though.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

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  14. Painting with friends must be fun! I love how your calendar journal looks - I fill my in in the evenings -although I have been known to forget! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Painting with friends must be fun! I love how your calendar journal looks - I fill my in in the evenings -although I have been known to forget! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! Hugs, Chrisx