Monday, December 12, 2016

T- Stands for Christmas Decorations

Well, we are off on a new week................not many left in the year 2016....scary huh?
I had this 9" x 12" canvas, that I was never happy with the original work on it.  I finally  just glued some tissue paper and designer paper over the top and started again. I had added the boarders and then sat thinking "what next?" I finally set it aside, but pulled it out last week and finished it.  Still not my favorite..............but way better than it was!

Last Tuesday I said I would share my decorations I put up this year.  I really wasn't in the decorating mood and seriously thought about NOT decorating this year, 95% of the time it is just DH and I here.  BUT this year our youngest son and family are coming the weekend after Christmas...New Years weekend.  So I thought I should at least put up a few things.  Now, I'm happy that I did decorate, even though I left over half still in the storage containers....LOL!
The dinning room table and fireplace (that we never use)

Between the dinning room and the living room

A closer look.....they are the ornaments I buy every year to house all the grand-kid's photos.  All are dated with the year.  They used to hang on the fireplace mantel, but there are too many now.  I even hang one of each of our boys and one of the two of them together........those are right in the middle of the garland. 

Heavy jeweled snowflakes to anchor the garland down at each end. They are made to house a tea light, but I can't find my battery operated ones...hummmm!!!

The flash made my reindeer  look like he is shaking
and of course our many decorations left off it this year.

Well if you hung in long enough to see all the photos, your deserve a treat, so help yourself......but no pushing, there is plenty for everyone. 
Top row is oatmeal/raisin, then cinnamon/raisin Biscotti, pumpkin muffins ( all healthy sugar and no wheat flour) regular almond Biscotti and finally DH's favorite chocolate chip with chocolate and white chocolate chips and walnuts.
Just behind the platter is my T-day drink, in one of my Christmas mugs.  After all the baking I felt I deserved something special.  It is coffee and Bailey's Irish Cream, about 1/2 and 1/2 in this photo....*grin*....more like coffee flavored Irish Cream LOL!
The odd shaped thing to the right is a really cool wine bottle stopper.  It is hand made of wood, with some turquoise inlaid in it.  My DENTIST, who made them, gave me two!  The other on is in use right now, so I didn't get a photo of it, of course it is a little different.

Grab your goodies and meet me over at Elizabeth's blog!
Inky Hugs


  1. Your house looks very festive even with only some of your decorations out. And that cookie plate- wow-you have been a VERY busy elf. Yummy. Happy T day-hugs-Erika

  2. I love your decorations. Your mantle is gorgeous! And those treats? Yes, please ;) Happy T Tuesday :)

  3. You are sounding just like me. I haven't even put out the stockings for the boys and usually that's the first thing I put out. I put out nine trees and left 12 in their bags or containers. I've even left all my candles and candle holders in their containers. I just can't get enthused, first, to put things away in order to put Christmas decorations out, and second, to get out decorations that I know will be down in less than two weeks. Since I'm not entertaining this year, I am doing all this for me (since the boys don't care and Squiggles thinks they are just play toys for him to bat around).

    At first, I thought that was egg nog, and I want some so badly, I can almost taste it. Sounds like you deserved that extra "kick." Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday. Yes, it's Tuesday in my world.

  4. Forgot to tell you, I love the plate of goodies. I'm so hungry, and I ate just a mere 7 hours ago.

  5. That plate of goodies looks great, pity we don't live nearer, we could do a cookie swap! Love the piece with the mug, it's lovely. Your decorations are great, and love the idea of having all the photos with them, that's a lovely idea. Have a lovely T day, hugs, Valerie

  6. the decoration is wonderfully festive! beautiful tea mug on the canvas.
    and i would love to come over for one of those treats. mouth watering!
    happy t-day!

  7. Very festive decoration and the cookies make my mouth watery. I like your beautiful cup mixed media canvas!
    Happy T-Day dear Krisha!

  8. Beautiful decorations and yummy treats

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. The plate of cookies looks so inviting and I'm sure the cup of coffee and Baileys would be yummy as well. Loved your canvas and your beautiful house decorations.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  10. you have me ready to burst out in Christmas carols! Your decor is beautiful and despite not putting it all out (which I didn't do at my place either)your home looks very festive. Love the teacup canvas-the borders really showcase the teacup. And what a tray of goodies-wow! I like the sound of your coffee, uh, Baileys drink:) Happy T day!

  11. Love all of your decorations, it looks so festive and full of cheer! What a lovely tradition to display ornaments with photos of your family - such a wonderful record of them growing up each year, I love it! Wow, you have been busy baking lots of treats for us and your Baileys with a hint of coffee (lol) sounds yummy! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  12. Wow! You have a lot of lovely decorations! I like the snowflake weights with the tea lights. And the tree decorations with photos is a good idea.
    Thank you for the cookies. I love almond biscotti, so thanks.
    Happy T day,

  13. Beautiful decorations. I love the picture ornaments. I did an ornament each year while my girlies were growing up. I've never had Bailey's. Wonder if it would be good in tea. What scrumptious treats. Thanks for sharing

  14. Krisha, your decorations are gorgeous! I love your colored glass collection on the mantle and table, especially those tall elegant ones. What a wonderful idea to hang framed family photos as ornaments.

    Won't it be nice to have family visit over the holidays? It'll just be the two of us this year, so hubby is planning a romantic Christmas Eve dinner. It's also my birthday.

    I like your canvas. Pink and light green are one of my favorite color combos.

    Happy T Day!

  15. As I was putting mail in my mailbox, I saw a letter from YOU. Apparently, it either came yesterday late in the afternoon, OR the mail person was here very early today.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely card. It is over the top incredible.

  16. I missed T this past Tuesday but I'm making the rounds today. Enjoyed your decorations. We are spending the holiday at the River House so no decorating going on here. Thank you so much for the beautiful card, it is really special.

  17. I thought of you when I saw the coloring book download. I'm sure you would love those 12 day images because they are fantastic. Someone very clever came up with them. Even the frames are great and carry the picture even further. The download link goes directly to the PDF.

  18. I forgot to tell you. My friend Kathy, when she was scrapbooking, made two, maybe three scrapbooks a month. She would buy papers in "bulk," or packs. Each pack has a front and back white page which is heavier than the thin scrapbook paper. Kathy gave me a TON (yes, a TON) of these 12" X 12" plain heavy white papers one time, and, since I don't have more than a few pieces of scrapbook paper, I'm able to make my own backgrounds using the colors I choose. If I were in your situation, I probably would use my scrapbook paper for backgrounds, too.

  19. Love all the decorations!! Pretty artwork, as usual. (I knew it!) And the desserts look delicious. So happy you stopped by!! :) :)