Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just for fun some oldies

As some of you know, I lost my Mom last month and going through her stuff I found these in a scrap book. Now I told you I have been doing this for a LOOOOONG time and here's the proof! LOL
The long card I colored in first grade; the teacher said we had to do our best because we only got one. Well, I colored my carnation a very pretty blue, she took it away and said there was no such thing as a blue carnation and gave me a second one. Now ya have to remember this was back in 195..........! The smaller of the two was from the 11th grade, I had just learned to draw a rose.......sort of. I kept them to show to Hanah as she loves to make cards with Grandma Krisha.
Of course they will now go into my scrapbook.


  1. This s lovely I have a box full of things in the attic of all the things my sons have made for me over the years. and as the youngest is now 16 perhaps it would be a good time to have a sort through. thank you for sharing and it must be such a comfort to know mum kept so many things

    Love Dawn xx