Friday, July 16, 2010

The night the lights went out in Shafter

I was busy coloring stamps with my markers, then spritzing them with water, then stamping. Just having a good ole time, the music blasting from the PC, trying this, then trying that. BOOM! no power. Geesh! This house is past dark and way into black when the lights go out! Well, anyway, I did manage to get a few images stamped choosing different colors and different papers. This all came about after visiting this blog spot:

Mine are absolutely not even close to the beautiful images Elli has made with the same technique. She also has a to-die-for-stamp for this. You need to check it out. Now that I have "played" with this technique, and made more than enough images, guess I'll try a few different layouts, hopefully the power will stay on tonight. It is still in the 90's and it is 8:30PM here.........and HUMID. NOT a typical CA heat wave, and I need that A/C working tonight!


  1. I think your pieces are very pretty!! I do love when I can learn something while I am blog hopping!! Hope your power is back on! It is too hot to be without air conditioning!!!

  2. Well you were so on a roll looks good hope all is back to normal now

    Love Dawn xx

  3. What kind of markers did you use? Lovely.