Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Thank You Card

Well, I completely missed posting for the month of June. Unfortunately it was because my Mom went down hill and I had to put her in the hospital where she survived for four days, before the angels came and took her home. The longs days at the hospital were brutal, I got home checked up on the lists that I belong to, checked up on Friends on Facebook and then hit the pillow. She passed on the 18th but there was 47 years of stuff to get out of her house, all the while a family member was moving in upon my request ( couldn't let the house set empty when the neighborhood found out she was gone) Marty, the family member, had known my Mom for years and she has been a God send in cleaning and sorting. So, now that things have cleared up a bit I have started making my thank you cards. It is really hard to get the mojo going, but a swift kick in the lower mojo and some challenges have helped me get back on track. This was the first of three, plain and simple, cut with the Cricut, with matching paper and few silk flowers. Now that I have found my pace again I might get them all finished in my last week off of work, before the BIG yard sale in the 10th.


  1. Please accept my sympathies. Lovely card.

  2. Krisha, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, My prayers are with you. I'm glad to see you back with us and a sweet card you created!

  3. sending you prayers Krisha, you've been through a lot over the past month. so glad you are back onlne and doing creative work again. i hope it will be healing and restorative. the card is precious. keep it up; love to you.