Monday, September 9, 2013

T stand for Tuesday: winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!

It's late Monday night here in SOCAL, but it is still time for T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard
and my drink is a caffeine free, sugar free and sodium free orange flavored carbonated water in a Styrofoam cup!  LOL!!  Just something to sip while I post, then it will be off to bed with me.  I'll save my T-Hopping for tomorrow morning with my coffee.
As I fired up the PC for this post I stopped by the mail box, as usual, and found a very nice surprise waiting for me.  First I had won 4 digital images from Bugaboo Stamps for a color challenge entry     this past week for this card:
Then a little further up the mail box I discovered an other e-mail that said I had won a $20.00 voucher from Bombshell Stamps for this card:

Cheerful Stamp Pad DT card for August
 So I did a little happy dance and then sat down to brag about it! LOL!!
I have been taking an on line painting class from Strathmore.  The first lesson is a technique that is a very loose mixed media painting.  This is not really MY style of painting, but I took the challenge and tis is what I did:
I am surprised that I liked it.  I mean I have always admired people who could do an abstract of something and have it recognizable.  It got a little muddy in the background, but Hey! it's my first stab at it......LOL

What else has been keeping me busy?  Below are some sneak peeks at some up coming posts, or you can stop here.


So stay tuned to see what they really are..........................
Thanks for stopping by, love to read your comments!!
Inky Hugs


  1. That cup of "nothing" sounds good. Especially since it's way past my bedtime.

    Congrats on the two wins. I really LOVE the "not lost" card. It is gorgeous. I can see why you won.

    And is that HALLOWEEN I see peeking out of the final sneak peek photo? Guess it's that time of year.

    Thanks for stopping by for T. I'll be out all day tomorrow with a friend who lives out of town. So, I'm glad I caught your post before I called it a night.

  2. Orange-flavoured carbonated water? I'll stick to my coffee, thanks!


  3. Orange flavoured anything wouldn't appeal to me... its always the orange sweets that are at the bottom of the bag uneaten! LOL Love your teacup painting, it turned out fab and it certainly doesn't look like a first attempt!

  4. Congratulations!! always exciting to win a giveaway and I really like that painting, too
    Happy T today

  5. Enjoyed seeing all your art this week including the sneak peeks! Both cards are great--congrats on your wins!

  6. Really great is fab! especially for a 'first try!' your cards are really adorable too...happy tuesday!

  7. Congratulations it is always fun to win giveaways!
    That Tuesday cup painting is fabulous...
    Happy T Day

  8. What a lucky girl you are. next time the lotto! I am taking that class on Strathmore, really because later this year I am doing a cook book swap that has to be illustrated with watercolors or pen and ink. Signed up today for 2 days with Dyan Reavelry for 3 classes at Stamp Antonio a 70 mile drive.

  9. I don't like the sound of your drink!

    Congratulations on your double win, maybe you will win again, things happen in threes they say! That is a great first painting, I don't know if I could do an online course, but I haven't tried, I want to learn to draw.

    Thanks for visiting, I love the warm colours inside these mugs, this is what drew me to them! Makes me feel good every time I use them.

    Cazzy x

  10. I love drinks with bubbles....unless it's too sweet.
    Love the cup you painted...very free style!! Awesome!!
    Happy Tuesday!