Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday's Mug Shot

Here I am sitting at the PC again, with my mug of coffee and playing along with Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday. (I mean I JUST took this picture)  I usually link up on Monday night, but it is football season and we have Monday night football AND the game was a good one. LOL  
Our weather has dropped a good 10' since last week!  The predicted high for today is 89' (F) Yahoo!
I am keeping this short as I have a ton of errands that need to be completed today, and a grocery list as long as my joke!  All that is left in the fridge is condiments and the cupboard is now down to cans of soup (which is for DH, I don't like canned soup) and some crackers!!  We are also heading for the beach this weekend, leaving Friday AM, so it will be a 3 day weekend.  So the Playhouse is sitting out front of the house waiting to be loaded.
What are you doing today? 

Inky Hugs


  1. I did the grocery store run this morning too. Our fridge was bare as well. Yikes..don't like the total at the end of that trip. Have fun at the beach!
    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy T Day! Sounds like a busy day for you. Have fun on your trip!!!

  3. Hope you got your shopping done so you have something to eat! LOL
    Enjoy your long weekend!!

  4. I cannot believe how late I am getting here. Like you, I went shopping today instead of tomorrow, and when I got home, I could barely walk. Although my list wasn't quite as long as yours, it was demanding. So, after putting everything away, I laid down and just got up a few minutes ago. Sorry I’m late.

    I love the title of your post. You are showing your funny side (grin). Have a fun time at the beach. Your temps are about the same as ours, now. Of course, your nights are probably still much nicer than mine.

    Thanks for joining T today. Sorry I'm such a bad host. Maybe you'll put MY mug shot on a "host wanted" poster (grin).

  5. Hi Krisha - I do online grocery shopping - as I don't drive the delivery chg is the same price as a taxi so its way more convenient AND I manage to stay on budget as there is no impulse buying and if I am over budget I just go through the list and reduce or remove items LOL... But I do love clothes and craft supply shopping in person LOL... Have a great long weekend - Mxx

  6. Have a great trip to the beach. Your cup has a fall shade to it.

  7. Looks busy at your place. Have a wonderful time at the beach.


  8. yep, I am visiting late because of many errands and shopping too...hope you have a terrific time at the beach!

  9. hope it was a goodweekend. I don't think of Bakersfield as ever dropping below 90!