Monday, September 2, 2013

T stands for Tuesday and Cake

There is one LARGE slice of cake left on the plate, that I saved just for those that are dropping by for T stands for Tuesday, courtesy of Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover .  Still late afternoon, here in SOCAL and time for a cup of coffee, tea, or drink of choice and something sweet.

This has been a long weekend for those of us in the States as we are winding down the Labor Day holiday.  My OH and both sons are deep sea fishing as I am writing this, they are after blue fin and yellow tail tuna.  They boarded the boat at 10 P.M. last night ( Sunday)and will be back in tonight (Monday) and I am really hoping I get a text message later that they caught a bunch! My OH and oldest son drove to San Diego on Saturday to meet up with our youngest son, who put this trip together. AND since I stayed home and spent Saturday night defrosting the deep freezer and making space, I better get that text! LOL  There is nothing like fresh smoked tuna, right off the grill ..... .mmmmmmm! 

So since I have been here alone, with Dyna (my dog), I have caught up on DT work and even made a few things for some challenges.  Poor Betsy (my desk, yes I named it) is about wore out but we have been really having a good time.  I did take a break last night and made a cake in my new Dutch Oven.  It is from a cook book that also tells how to make it with briquettes, or coals, or in the regular oven.  I've been wanting to practice with the DO and figure out what dessert we are going to use for the BBQ competition next month.  I didn't want to fire up any briquettes so I just turned on the house oven, then put the DO inside it, so it was an oven in an oven.  Anyway, onto the cake! 

This makes a HUGE cake, that antique plate is about 14" in diameter and the only thing I had big enough to put the cake on, since the DO is 12" in diameter, plus the cake rises to about 3 1/2" high!  It is called a Bird of Paradise Cake and has mandarin oranges, bananas, pineapple and nuts in a cinamomny cake batter. Topped with an light orange flavored cream cheese frosting.

Now I hear all of you wondering "Did she eat that whole cake?"  I probably could have, it is just delish! BUT , being of not so sound mind and of old body, I cut it into sections and placed it in my nice clean deep freezer, on the door as not to take up any of my tuna space!  LOL

Oh, you would like the recipe!???? Okay!

I did make some notes on the page as I went along, you can use them or just follow the recipe.  You might want to make it bigger to read it, or just right click and save it to your PC.
So now it is time to link up with Elizabeth and see what all of you are drinking for T stands for Tuesday.  If you haven't ever joined us you are missing some fun, click HERE to find out what it is all about, then join us won't you?
Inky Hugs


  1. You got me with cream cheese frosting. Yep, I'm a cream cheese frosting nut.

    I got an ear full last week from my friend Scott, who gets ideas in his head and nothing can stop them. He says all tuna is now contaminated due to the 2011 tsunami and subsequent nuclear power disaster. I don't keep up with those things, so I hope he's wrong and your hubby and sons bring you lots of delicious and safe tuna.

    Have a super rest of T on Labor Day, dear Krisha.

  2. Home alone for the long weekend but it doesn't sound like you feel hard done by! Love the sound of that cake and I'll nab that slice please!
    Hope the men have a lovely time fishing and bring you home lots of fish to freeze!

  3. Thanks so much for putting some cake out for us, I'll take that one and one to go home with please!! I will copy that recipe down and try it, sounds so GOOD!!

    Hope your men bring home some yummy Tuna to cook up and enjoy. My husband would have loved going out fishing. He likes to catch fish, hasn't had much luck lately. Might just have to buy it at the store so he can have his fill finally.

    Happy Tuesday to you and thanks for sharing!

  4. So glad you left a slice for us, certainly going to try the recipe
    Bridget #4

  5. Oh Oh that cake! there is one in my future for sure, thank you for sharing the recipe.
    Deep sea fishing, I hope they had fun and caught their share--I went deep sea fishing once. That was enough. It was a bit to violent for me ( they beat the fish with a baseball bat right at my feet, it was to date the most horrid thing I have witnessed, but I digress).
    We smoked to pork loins and two turkey breasts this labor day weekend. We will be having North Carolina bbq in Tennessee later this week for sure.
    Happy T to you today,

  6. thx for sharing the cake :) it sounds truly delicious!

  7. I will be home alone this weekend and can't wait. Not that I don't love them all dearly but the silence will be blissful. You are so good with that piece of cake. I would have eaten it all LOL.
    Thanks for the chat and T.

  8. thank you for sharing such a yummy post...hope you get to eat some lovely fresh tuna too :)
    Happy T Day

  9. The cake looks delish! Hope your "boys" had fun fishing and caught lots! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  10. All I can think about now is SUSHI!!! Yellowtail...yum.
    That cake looks so good! My neighbor was cooking beef stew over the campfire yesterday in his dutch oven. It looked and smelled wonderful.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. By now I hope your freezer is stuffed full! I had never heard of baking a cake in a DO--it sounds amazing!

  12. Hi Krisha, thank you for the cake! I was going to ask if you had eaten the rest! It sounds amazing, shame I can't eat cake!

    I would really go for the tuna though, I would love some of that!

    Maybe I could make the cake with rice flour, but wouldn't be able to eat much on Slimming World!

    Cazzy x

  13. Thanks for the cake! I had never heard of Bird of Paradise cake before. I love the name, and it sounds like a luscious dessert. Happy T Day!

  14. Even though I'm a day late I see there is still a slice of cake left for me. Looks delicious. Now if you would just send some of that tuna my way I'd be set.