Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday and happy mail arT

Time once again to link up with Elizabeth for T stand for Tuesday !  Sorry this photo is a little dark, the lighting in this room is horrible, and I am just trying to learn what all the knobs and buttons are for on my camera. Todays mail brought an envelope full of dies from Carole  over at Carole's Creative Critters. She MADE all of these.....just incredible!   Standing up in the back are my free stamps I won from Bombshell Stamps.  Propping the stamps up is a mixed media canvas I completed today for my DIL birthday.  That sweet little face is our grandson.  I'll post the canvas a little later.
That's about it for this week, as always still Monday night here in SOCAL.  The weather is starting to cool down into the 90's (F) and the evenings cool quickly, making it nice to sit on the patio and have that LAST cup of coffee for the day.
I'm off now to see what everyone else is drinking this morning/ afternoon. or evening.
Inky Hugs


  1. Lucky gal, lucky mail day. Wonderful gifts, too.

    Your grandson is adorable. How proud you must be.

    That's the thing about SOCAL and the daytime highs. It's a desert, so while it stays in the high 80s till well after midnight here, your temps drop as soon as the sun sets. Oh to live in your neck of the woods (grin).

    Have a great T and enjoy your recent mail finds.

  2. Love that Fleur De Lis die, I own 2 as I thought I would break one and couldnt bear not having it lol
    Bridget #6

  3. WOW, that is a great happy mail gift! I love all the goodies she made, have fun with them!
    Cute picture of your grandson!
    The weather is cooling off here in Ohio too, had my winter pj's out already and wearing jeans and jackets even in the day. I like the cooler weather, good for sleeping and working outside.
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I can't wait to see how you put all those bits and pieces to work. What a nice gift.


  5. What a nice assortment of goodies! Adorable little cutie poking out from behind everything!

    Your comment on my blog about eating "road kill" made me chuckle!

  6. Nice die cuts you have there, what a faby piece of happy mail that is! The picture of your Grandson on the canvas looks lovely, hopefully you will show us the full thing soon!

  7. summertime does seem to be lasting through the fall. we're still having highs in the 90s here in memphis. it'll cool down soon enough, i know.

    i like your blue mug. :)

  8. Always love happy mail and what a lucky girl you were. I always love reading about the weather some where else. Here in Perth Western Australia we are leaving Winter and heading into Spring... although we are getting some late rains so not sure when Sprint will actually arrive.
    Happy Tuesday

  9. Such a relief to find your blog, no sales pitches no deep messages about finding yourself and most of all always some creative chat

  10. Hi Krisha - oooh I love mail - those fleur de lise look fabulous - have a great week - Mxx

  11. wow yes, those dies, look fabulous, lucky you! Happy T day

  12. Looks like you got some wonderful happy mail! I know you'll enjoy it. Happy T Day!

  13. You are so lucky to get these awesome gifts.I guess you are going to be busy creative with all this wonderful stuff. Would love to get a clear picture of the canvas with your grandson.

  14. Hi Krisha,

    I love happy post too! Congratulations on winning those lovely stamps. Your canvas looks sweet, what I can see of it.

    Cazzy x

  15. what a terrific mail day! you have great friends to share such bounty with you...and what an adorable canvas you've made for your DIL's gift!