Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WOYWW.......I'm Baaaack!

That's right after taking a three week break I am back for WOYWW !!  It really does not feel like three weeks have passed, this whole year is just slipping by so fast!!
So here is Betsy this week, not a lot going on, I had Grandma duty today.  I had my oldest GD, who showed up with a fever, sore throat and bad cough. So there is just a "drop it" zone on poor Betsy.  There is some card board flaps from a box I found in the garage, a small brown journal I made last week, a piece that was going to go on the journal but changed my mind.  Standing in the back is a white washed piece of laminate flooring I've been wanting to play with, my small pot of Gesso, an undecorated tag and to the upper right a witch decoration I did with a paper mache  dress form, down in front is my rag with a stamp I was going to clean, cleaner is just behind it and of course my "other" eyes are laying where I can find them.  The journal and the Halloween decoration I am hoping to get posted this week.
I did take GD to doctor this morning and come to find out she has strep throat, and a slight case of walking pneumonia !!!  So it was pick up prescriptions and then "Grandma I'm hungry"  So we went to Wendy's and for being sickly she ate a very good lunch.......thank you Papa!
Once we were back at the house and a good dose of medication was given she became bored and didn't want to lay on the couch.
This must be some GOOD medicine!
the dinning room set up as her closet

dressed to the hilt and showing off her closet

dressed up in my nightgown and a long sweater OMG!!!
She played dress-up for two hours until her Dad came to pick her up!!!
Now I am off to do a little desk hopping.
Inky Hugs


  1. I'm glad your GD was feeling better. She is too cute all dressed up. Happy crafting #5

  2. Happy woyww! such a cute pic of your Grand daughter playing dress up!
    -Tera #3

  3. She dresses up pretty well for a little girl who is sick. Lovely to see you back in woyww.
    Sandra @22

  4. So do you ever get an idea in your mind of what your imaginary (computer friends--my kids call them imaginary friends) are like?

    Krisha, for whatever reason, I had you in mind as maybe 25, so there's no way that's your granddaughter in these pictures!

    This year IS going by w a y too fast, you are so right.

    #31 this week

  5. When I am sick will you look after me too? Love the desk in all its abandonment. #43

  6. Humm I saw her all dressed up and thought it was a fancy little outfit till you said nightgown and sweater funny how our clothes look on little ones
    hugs Nikki 10

  7. good to see you again, and your GD doesn't look too poorly, lol!! Hope you have a good week Helen 19

  8. Grandma Duty takes precedence over everything, even WOYWW! Welcome back, Krisha. I've missed the last two weeks myself. It was so fun seeing your adorable GD playing dress up. I am left thinking of all the wonderful memories she will have of this time with you! She's a trooper to do that when she is so sick and I pray that you don't get sick yourself! Take care! Darnell #24

  9. Dressing up at Gma's is the best :)
    Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
    no. 33

  10. What a lovely GD! She certainly looks like she was racing back to health in these pictures - radiant and full of fun in her dress-ups! Your desk looks lovely and busy! Hope time doesn't run too fast for you to get some of those projects done this week! Happy WoYWW. Julie Ann xx #42

  11. Betsy looks like she's handling the strain of the 'to do' projects well. Hope you get crafting again soon.

    The bears @#82

  12. Lots of interesting bits on your desk but your GD stole the show! LOL Amazing how fast they seem able to bunce back isn't it? Looks like she had a good time with Grandma! Annette #2

  13. Dress up is always fun.....looking after Grand children...can get hectic!!

  14. Looking forward to seeing your witch - she looks great from a distance and I'm sure she wont disappoint in close up.

    Glad your GD is feeling better, my no.1 son had pneumonia when he was 2 - very scary time - he would only eat frozen milk lollies.

    Have a good week. MMx #76

  15. GD is just adorable, how fun to play dress up! Does she like dressing up for teaparties? I do that with my nieces and we were the biggest hats etc. So fun. I can't wait to see your completed Witch, as she look fab! I see my stamp cleaning rag has a twin! Glad GD is eating, that is always a good sign! Winnie#79

  16. Even sick grandkids are delightful. Stay well Krisha your little prize is on the way.

  17. How wonderful to be able to go to your lovely grandmas when you are poorly.
    Rosie x

  18. Welcome back, missed ya!
    Busy desk my dear friend and OH is GD enjoying this Grandma moment!
    Monica 99

  19. Hi krisha, what a cute GD you have - love her playing dress up!

    happy woyww
    debs #108

  20. Good to see Betsy again. Interesting blue words over on the left. Have a great week. Thanks for the earlier visit! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #92

  21. I remember seeing pics of our granddaughters playing dress up. Your granddaughter brought back memories. Glad she's feeling better. And your desk is very busy! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #98

  22. Hi Krisha, great to see you and your Betsy back. Isn't that just like a sick child, down one minute and up and bouncing the next. Your GD is lovely and she clearly had fun dressing up. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #55

  23. Glad to see your granddaughter feeling better. Time at grandma's is always good medicine. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #8

  24. But did you dress up too :-)
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #45

  25. It is always nice to get to be in our grandma role...even if crafting has to wait.

    My grandaughter will be 7 in October and loves to come for sleepovers and make cards. I treasure these times as soon she will be a teenager and be busy for us!

    So cute the way your GD played dress up in her closet!

  26. She looks fabulous!! All dressed up, the princess needs to go to the ball!