Friday, December 5, 2014

Doodles and Scribbles

Happy Friday!  I'm not real sure where Monday-Thursday went, but Friday has arrived once again.  
Before Thanksgiving, while there were some time that wasn't spoken for, I did a little playing around in one of my art journals.  This doodle was done with colored sharpie pens.  The green almost looks like the black in this photo.  Had this idea bouncing around in my head, making all kinds of racket, until I finally sat down and put it on paper.....................sure is quiet now!

When I was a kid, many, many, years ago, my friends and I would make what we called "Scribble Pictures". Scribble a page and then take hours coloring in all the spaced.  Well, as  history does repeat itself, it has come back!  I have seen many projects like this on the Art Journal Junkies and Abandoned Art groups from all over the world, of course most of them think it is "new", not having been around as long as I have........LOL!  So with fond memories I created a Scribble Picture in my journal, only leaving some of the spaces blank, then going back and doodling in them.  This really is a poor photo of this page, even though I ran it through all the Photo programs I have, the florescent gel pens still look dull!!

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Inky Hugs


  1. I think you should enter this as your J52 this week. In fact, I thought it WAS when I saw it on my sidebar. They are both fun, but the stocking is beyond gorgeous.

    I actually stopped by to tell you I just got home and found something from YOU in my mailbox. I haven't had time to open it, because I still have groceries and other things to put away, but wanted to let you know SOMETHING WONDERFUL I'M SURE has arrived from YOU!! Thank you in advance.

  2. Oh the joy of doodles. Your's are super. I really like the seasonal one, so clever. Makes me want to grab a pen.