Monday, December 22, 2014

T stands for getting ready for Santa

L to R: Hannah (8) Rachel (8) Megan (4) Madelynn (5)
 What a day this G-ma has had!!  4 girls for the day and oh what fun we did have getting ready for Santa.  We started off by painting Styrofoam plates to look like peppermint candy.......LOTS of RED paint!!  Once they were dry we stapled them inside to inside and wrapped them with plastic wrap and tied the ends.  They painted long (free) paint stirring sticks to look like candy canes, then we I pounded the sticks into the front flower bed.  Then we took the plates and slipped them over the sticks.

Here they are in the flower bed.  Now I JUST NOW ran out and snapped this picture (since I just realized I didn't get one this afternoon).  It is 10:30PM Monday night and I am already showered and in my PJs.......What I will do for the Tea gang over at Elizabeth's !!!!
Decorating gift bags for a game we will play Christmas Eve.
So, on with what else we did today. They are busy, busy, busy.  We will all be together Christmas Eve for a family fun and games night.  Three generations, both sides of my oldest son's family.......but we just say "family", cause Rachel and Madelynn (who we call Maddy) call me G-ma anyway....grin!  The big white square, tipped on it's point and tapped to a pink bin is a game we will also be playing.  You have to throw a marshmallow through the wreath (on the other side of the square) and make it into the basket.  The older girls practiced for hours, so they can beat their parents!  Then there is pin the nose on Santa and a balloon game that we will also be playing (and the girls all practiced all afternoon, timing themselves with the stop watch on my cell phone).....LOL  They also played games outside and swang on the homemade swings hanging from the tree braches.  They made their own lunch by rolling a hot dog up in a crescent roll, to make pigs in a blanket.  We frosted 4 dozen cookies, for Christmas Eve.  They played hide and go seek in the house with Maddy being the best at hiding (she is the one in the pink shirt above).
The two youngest one's went home, when their Dad's came to pick them up.  Both Dad's work  just a short ways from here, so it is handy for them to drop the kids off on the way to work and pick them up on the way back home. I was rewarded a bottle of wine from Maddy and Rachel's dad.....LOL  Not really, he was given a bottle of wine from a client, and they don't drink wine, so he left it with me......a good Merlot too!!  The two oldest ones were promised a sleep over, so they stayed, and I am happy to announce that they are fast asleep at this moment.
My drink for this week.........yep!  A Lime-a-rita  in a can no less!!!  I deserve this, and am drinking it right now.......................oh, G-ma needs a good night's sleep.......LOL  Tomorrow I am planning on taking the two older girls to the movies.......they don't know it yet.  They have been wanting to see "Annie" and   I saw it on stage years ago and think it is a good choice.  So I might be a little late in getting back to all who visit...............but I will return the visits some time this week. 
Oldest son is spending Christmas Day with his wife's grandmother ( she just lost her husband a few months ago and is having a hard time)  Youngest son will be at home for Christmas Eve, as they host  a dinner for her family ( since her parents are separated and she doesn't want her Dad to be alone)  I have good boys who also care about their in-laws. It is really hard to describe how these families inter connect, almost feel like we should have our own reality program on TV .........LOL  DH and I will have Christmas Day to ourselves, might be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.......or a really nice dinner (out) that someone else cooks, or maybe a burger and a will be interesting!!!
 So, this year, when youngest gets here Friday night (very late Friday night) we will celebrate on Saturday with all of our family and all four grandkids!!
And SURPRISES of SURPRISES, and not really "official" yet (she hasn't verified it with a Dr. appointment.............................................I am going to be a G-ma again next spring, early summer!!!!!........................................................who needs Santa!!!!!!

HUGS, (inky ones are best)


  1. What an amazing post! Love this!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Very Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh what fun was had by one and all! Love those candies in the flowerbed... they turned out fabulous and the kids had a wonderful time with Gma!! Merry Christmas! Annette

  3. Oh what a fabulous post Krisha, I felt like a fly on the wall. The girls were so intent on their crafting and they did wonderfully well. The candies look brilliant in the garden; such a great idea. Sounds like you're all having, and heading for, a fab family festive time.
    Happy T Day & Happy Christmas! :o))

  4. Celebrations for everybody! So sweet :) Sometimes we have to be flexible to fit everything in. It looks like everybody's having fun at your house. Happy T Tuesday!

  5. I always enjoy your family tales. Looks like you made some great memories with those Grand Girls.
    Happy Holidays to all of you.


  6. OMGosh! This was just fun to read and see! What great girls they are. Going to be a busy holiday for you all. Happy T-Day and Merry Christmas! :)

  7. Such a fun post and I am breathless with all you do Krisha...
    such a sweet and special g-ma certainly DOES deserve a good night's sleep and a special nip or more!
    Seeing those precious girls all lined up creating and having fun is just the nicest thing and congrats on the exciting news of another sweet blessing in your life.
    Happy Happy Christmas to all

  8. oh what a joy filed post Krisha! I LOVE that you art with your girls-they look so happy. Sounds like such a great time at your place. And yes, you deserve your drink after such a long day. Happy T day and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  9. lovely photos of your granddaughters...hope you all have a precious blessed Christmas

  10. everyone needs a me maw (as we call grams here) like you!

  11. I really enjoyed this post, as well as the good news at the end. That's a pretty awesome way to end a post (grin).

    Had fun watching the various expressions on those gals faces, as they worked with such determination. Loved the garden shot, even if you did have to sacrifice life and limb for it. 10:30 at my place would have been below freezing (grin).

    I'm so glad you have a great relationship with those kids. They are able to do so many wonderful things with you they might not be able to do if left with sitters or day care centers.

    Thanks for sharing your babysitting fun with us for T this Tuesday.

  12. WOW!! You are the best grandma every! I wouldn't even have energy to do all this, good for you and how awesome for the kids! LOVED ALL OF THIS!! Congrats on the new baby coming, a great present indeed. Merry early Christmas!

  13. what an adorable post! love those peppermint paper plates! sounds like you are managing and appreciating the holidays well...the in-laws/sharing isn't always easy, so good for you! what sweet granddaughters you have...many blessings to you & your family for the holidays and the New Year!

  14. Sorry Krisha,, I must have somehow missed this post last week. Luckily the photos caught my eye this week, and I read the post belatedly. Congratulations on finding out that you're going to be a grandma again!!!

    I can tell that you're a wonderful grandma, since this post shows all the great activities you do with your grandkids. Hope that your whole family had a great Christmas!