Monday, December 1, 2014

The first Tea of December

Tea Time with Elizabeth has once again arrived, right on time, but for once I'm a little ahead of the game by not being so late........grin

Hope everyone, that celebrates, had a bountiful Thanksgiving.  We had a VERY busy four days and loved almost every minute ( well I'm trying not to bleatingly lie!)  After all the hustle and bustle, the cooking, the cleaning, getting everyone here or there on time and felt this page of my Today journal was a good one to share.  Believe me the china tea cups, that I do own, were set up HIGH over the weekend.  Youngest DIL did manage to break the lid to my Tevana brewing cup......:(  .  But it is just a cup, and the lid is all that broke.  I purposely left this page mostly black and white, and only colored the tea pot.


Megan came in her costume from pre school.  Her Indian name is Silver Swan

Megan 4 1/2 and Danica 4 went right to dressing up!

The first time we were all together to trim the tree.  Grandpa took the pictures and he always get my worst angle!!!

Taylor wasn't so interested when he found out the ornaments were not balls!!

Megan got the honor of putting the topper on the tree (with Dad's help)
They did very well putting on the decorations,.......... ya, there are some branches that have three ornaments and some that have none, but I decided to leave it just as it is.

Friday night we all went to Christmas Town, it is something set up every year for the kids to enjoy.  LOTS of lighted trees and decorations, a sledding hill, hayride, faux ice skating rink, a rock clibing wall and lots of bouncy houses.

Not to be out-done, on the sledding hill, Danica and I were neck and neck with her Daddy and brother.  We are in the left lane.
ALL the kids got to see Santa!  Our oldest son and his family

Youngest son and his family

Our own Rockefeller Center, with Danica and Megan on skates.

Letters to Santa before we left (even though they had just seen him)
Saturday I MADE them all go for family pictures, and while the photographer was taking the small group pictures, Grandma took a few of her own to keep the kids busy.



Well, I could just keep adding pictures, we (between GP and myself) took just tad over 500 pictures, but I think you have an idea of how our weekend went.

So I'm off now to link up with Elizabeth and see what the rest of the "T" gang did since last we met for drinks.  Grab a cup and join me.

Inky Hugs


  1. Love that picture, well designed, looks like a wonderful family weekend was had by all
    Bridget #1

  2. These are some gorgeous granddaughters you have, Krisha. And both your sons have beautiful wives, too. You have a really lovely family.

    I really enjoyed the teapot and cup this week. I liked how one was silver and one was china. The drawings were very, very clever, too.

    Thanks for sharing Thanksgiving, and your gorgeous Tea drawing with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. Looks like you and I are both surprised by December. Maybe because we live in CA? You and your family are off to a good start for the holidays though.


  4. Fun with family. It doesn't get better than that :) Thanks for sharing these photos.

  5. Hustle n bustle n fun n family...what more could Ya want! Love the pics. Happy T day! Nan G n the Girls

  6. oh really sooo precious! love all the photos!! I'm impressed that Mrs Santa was there too. love the girls dressing up...and had to laugh about getting your best 'angle.' someone always gets me with my mouth hanging open or something! lol! happy T day!

  7. bet your photos where better than any professional. It looks like a lovely family traditional week.

  8. Hello and Happy T Day! LOVE all these family pictures, so happy you had fun. WOW, I can't believe all there is to do, my kids would love if we had all that in our town. Sweet tea pot and tea cup!

  9. Gorgeous photos Krisha!!! And i love the silver tea pot! This time i'm a little late getting So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! OOOoooo i think the sun is peeking out! lol Hugs! deb

  10. Oh, what a wonderful family holiday!! So nice of you to share with us!! I hope you can get a new lid for your cup. Happy belated T-Day! :)

  11. What wonderful lettering and drawing you do! Lovely photos!!
    Happy late T day!