Monday, December 1, 2014

Journal 52 week 48

Happy December!!! Woha!!..........wasn't it just October??  Here we are the last 4 weeks of the year, well technically 4 weeks and 2 days.....LOL

This weeks Journal 52 prompt is "Build a Snowman".  Of course Olaf was the first thing to come to my mind after all the "Frozen" things around here, he is my favorite character in the whole movie.  Just a goofy little snowman that makes the whole movie come together...........IMHO!

I gessoed up the page and did snowflake stamp resists with clear embossing powder.  For the cool color I used a Gelato and a wet-one, and also created the flipped up page corner.  I drew in the hat, scarf, carrot and the lumps of coal with a marker.  To make the snow drifts more defined I used a pearl white puffy paint, and Olaf was trimmed and glued to the corner.  Of course the sentiment is hand written........grin

A really quick and easy page and a ton of fun to create.  The grandkids will love it and that's all that matters........right??

Inky Hugs

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  1. First, I was blown away by the new look of your blog. That certainly can't be SOCAL.

    I admit, I may be the only person left in America who has NOT seen Frozen, and I know nothing about it, but it seems your adorable snowman is perfect. Of course, I adore the hat with the week number on it. Clever, clever. And you draw SO well, too!

    I was on the fence about J52, until two people tried to talk me into joining DLP or whatever it's called. While stating why I didn't want to join, it actually convinced me that J52 was for me, even though I originally called it "Project 52," totally spacing off the part about JOURNALING. But, there is not a lot of journaling I can't handle, since the prompts don't require me to actually hand write anything if I don't want to. And since I already have a calendar I fill out each month, I don't need two. Besides, I have only a limited supply of washi tape and no Moleskin journal they want you to buy. At least with Chelle, I don't have to buy ANYTHING, and I still have a lot of used (and unloved) file folders. So it looks like I'm no longer on the fence and will join J52 again in 2015 with you.