Monday, December 15, 2014

T sTands for TREE and Tea

old cup, fresh coffee
Hard to believe that it has been a WHOLE week since my last post, where, oh where did this last week go?  Well, there was Tea Time visiting with Elizabeth and the tea gang Tuesday morning, finished all the decorating I'm going to do this year.  Wed. it was back adjustment day, then a dreaded trip to Costco (really wasn't so bad, guess most are finished with their Christmas shopping).  That night I decided to move ONE thing on Betsy, and the whole thing blew up into a MAJOR change (hopefully I can do WOYWW to show it off)  Before I could finish that project the storm started, very HIGH winds to start with.  The wind blew almost all night,  DH and I had gone into the front yard to check the tree and what we saw was cause for a sleepless night.  The tree has had a big split in it for sometime, and we had it pruned way back over a year ago, trying to save it.  As the wind gust the split would move!!!YIKES!  If the one section came down it would be the corner of our roof, corner of the neighbor's roof and 2 of their cars!! The next morning the rain had already started, ya, that long awaited rain.  All three of our trees are now necked......LOL  Not that many leaves in the yard, as the wind took them to.........where ever........I did watch many of them blow down the street!!
Friday we had to call a tree service to check the front tree.............yep, it had to come down.  NO way of saving it, and the whole tree had started to lean.......:(

The split form the house side.  Tree is leaning away from the camera.

A closer look at the split....YIKES! it was hollow almost to the bottom!
It took them 3 hours to get it all the way down, I did take a lot of pictures and used a lot of tissue for the tears.  We had had that tree for 30 years.

The main body went in one swift swoop, then they had a machine that chipped out the stump.
I have to say, the two young men that came and worked so hard, were very good at what they did.
The front of our house now looks so bare.  Saturday the truck and crew came to remove all the debris from the lawn (the whole tree) It took them nearly 3 hours to get it all picked up and it almost didn't all fit in their BIG truck!  I also finished the re-do of Betsy and then proceeded to remove the storm dust from the rest of the house.  This old house isn't sealed so well anymore, and when the dust blows it all seems to find a home on my dark furniture........LOL

Sunday we had invited some friend over for a Tri-Tip BBQ (mainly so her and I could work on a new Sringbok puzzle (we've been BFFs and when they lived here we used to work these hard puzzles all the time)
While waiting their arrival I finished the left page of my Today journal and then did the opposite page, then closed it before it was dry, thus the smudges on both pages.....LOL  I used Inktense colored pencils and blended with water and no brain!

So that is how last week stacked up, didn't have to call the insurance company, but lost my big tree.  Had a good time with friends, I did finish the puzzle after they had to leave.......then found ONE PIECE missing!!!!  Sprinbok does have a 90 day policy for their puzzles ( and they should these are expensive puzzles) Now I need to gather all my info and send it to them.....:(

What have you been doing since last we met?  Haven't joined our group yet?  Click HERE and join us, great group........and no you do not have to drink tea or coffee......

Inky Hugs


  1. My heart goes out for you and your tree. I know how important they are for shade, noise control, and ambiance. You will be able to have fun researching your new tree, though. I remember the fun I had when I went with Sally to buy her new one.

    I was impressed that you had the entire stump removed. So many people in my neighborhood don't remove the stump, which I think makes them look tacky.

    I want to join you for eggnog and a new puzzle. I think it sounds like a fun time. But let's get a puzzle that has all the pieces, please.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T and I look forward to seeing your changes to Betsy. BTW, the wind was so cold and strong today, I was pushing a half full shopping cart in the parking lot at Sam's and I was getting nowhere. I truly needed rocks in my pockets! Talk about high wind (AND bone chilling cold).

  2. Oh I would have wept buckets too - but you have to be safe and the tree really was tired! Am alarmed that you've suddenly made time to have a shakedown with Betsy...I hope you're happy with her now!!

  3. Good thing that tree didn't come down on its own. That was quite a storm that passed from my area to yours wasn't it? I'm amazed that you managed to entertain friends and get in a journal entry with all the "entertainment" Mother Nature was providing.


  4. I always feel sad when a tree has to come down, but, of course, it is better than loss of property or worse. Glad you had Betty to distract you, unless you are like me and pile everything back where it was!

    I have always enjoyed working puzzles, too! I remember when they were a couple of dollars and not what they are today! I always get a supply of used ones at garage sales or thrift shops.

  5. I so feel with you and your tree!
    The spread is so beautiful... I love eggnog and it always let me remember my granny - that was the only alcoholic drink she drank!
    Happy T- DAY!

  6. Oh so sorry about the loss of that grand ol tree...
    that would affect me too as it will surely take some time to get used to the 'new' view and living without it.
    Puzzles are such fun...haven't done one in ages.
    Nice journal pages too!
    Happy T Day...

  7. Sorry that you lost your big tree. I bet it's hard to grow big trees like that in the dry SoCal climate, so it must be especially sad to see it go, after all the TLC a you put into it. But at least you (and your neighbors) are safe, and the tree didn't fall on anything.

    I have to echo a Elizabeth and praise you for having the stump removed right away. We have a couple neighbors who have lost trees to Dutch Elm Disease, and the stumps are still in their yards, creating an eyesore.

    On the bright side, your journal pages look cheerful and festive. May the rest of the holiday season be good to you. Cheers!

  8. It's so sad to lose a tree, but much better to lose it that way than to let Mother Nature take care of it. I'm glad you had some holiday cheer to get you through it. I hope you share the new tree when you make that decision. Happy T Tuesday :)

  9. So sorry about your tree! :( I would have been wiping away tears, too.
    Hope you can return the puzzle, but the rest of your time was well-spent. Love your page spread and I know how moving one thing can set off a reorganizing avalanche--LOL!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Ahh, poor old tree. I can totally empathise with you, we lost a three year old Japanese Maple a few years ago. I loved that tree and couldn't believe it when I got home one day and found it rent in two. There were tears from me. I can't imagine losing an old friend like yours after thirty years *hugs)

    I love your journal pages and think your lettering is wonderful. Happy T Day (just in time) :o))

  11. I've watched several big trees in our neighborhood come down over the years. Always sad when it comes to that but in many cases it's the only avenue left.
    Happy T Day!

  12. It's always sad when a tree has to come down. I'd probably still be crying. Love your journal pages.

  13. so sorry you lost that lovely big tree! they are like old friends aren't they? lovely journal pages...bright and cheery...happy t day!

  14. love that old cup and bright pages