Monday, December 29, 2014

The LasT Tuesday of 2014

Some of my favorite T-day pictures from 2014
I hope everybody had a fantastic holiday, and your looking forward to the new year, that is just around the corner.

Our last gathering of T stands for Tuesday for 2014!  An amazing year, amazing that I got this far through it...without broken bones or any health issues.....LOL!!

I have spent the day cleaning up what was left from the mess after our celebration on Saturday.  The decorations were all down and put away before I went to bed Saturday night (I had had enough) all but the tree itself.  Sunday the DH and I worked on our refrigerator, the condenser keeps icing up.  We pulled the back panel off and defrosted it......again!  DH got on the PC and found the part "he" thinks is the problem and got it ordered.  That was an all day pain in the butt!!
 I tackled taking apart the Christmas tree today and put it in the box and out in the garage it went.  The dust and tinsel (which I JUST had to put on the tree this year), and the tiny paper scraps..................oh my!!  I only managed to get the front part of the house, dinning room and living room done today.  The vacuumed cleaner is now sitting at this end of the hallway, waiting for the second round tomorrow.

With the new year only 2 days away, the DH and I haven't really made any definite plans.  Thinking about hooking up the Playhouse and going over to the beach for a couple of days.  It would be great to get away for a little while.  It has been a couple years since we have really done anything for New Years..........getting too old to get too wild............a couple quiet days at the beach is about all the excitement the DH and I can handle.........LOL!

What are your plans for celebrating? Or do you celebrate the ringing in of the new year?

Inky Hugs
 Krisha  see ya next year!!!



  1. We just got invited to a party across the street for New Years. Can't get any easier than that! It's his b-day so he often throws himself a party!
    Happy T Day!

  2. Oh, you made a T Day retrospective of the year, too, similar to what Elizabeth did! What a good idea. I wish I'd thought to do that. It's nice to see all those happy photos together.

    Good luck with the fridge, and have a Happy New Year!

  3. Love your T day collage Krisha! I can't believe you already have everything put away-wow. I think going to the beach would be a perfect start to the new year. Happy T day and a very Happy New Year!

  4. Thank you for sharing your lovely T days collage Krisha!
    Putting Christmas away is what convinces me each year to put out less...sounds like you have a good grip on things already!
    Hope you get to spend some quiet time at the beach...enjoying nature is always a celebration to me.
    Happy T day and Happy Healthy New Year to you and yours!

  5. Great minds think alike. Not only did we both do a retrospective of 2014, with yours far briefer than mine, I might add, but we also both got our Christmas mess put away. Like Patty, I also put out less this year, so it only took one day to get everything back in their boxes, instead of two.

    Thanks for sharing these fun photos of past Ts with us this Tuesday, and I hope you have a fun time at the beach when you welcome in 2015. May it be joyous, quiet, and safe. Happy New Year, dear friend.

  6. This is the first Christmas that I have taken down the decorations so early. It feels kind of funny to me since i usually leave them up until the 5th of January, but my daughter offered to help and she is going back to the city today. We prefer a quiet night at home with some snacks and a glass of wine. Happy 2015!

  7. Well the beach sounds wonderful to me...but it's pretty cold here in central Ohio, so think of me envying you if you go there for the holiday! lol! Love the photo collage, and your gd's smiling face. Happy New Year!

  8. A very lovely collage Krisha. I never thought to do a collage, but it's taken me all day to write my post, with building works to 'look forward' to tomorrow *sigh* We will take our decs down on Friday. I won't let him take them down before New Year. A night in front of the tv or painting is my plan for Hogmanay. Happy New Year & T Day! :o) x

  9. A couple quiet days at the beach sounds my speed, too--LOL! I always do a little ceremony--light a candle or two, do some journaling & listmaking for 2015, a burning bowl ceremony, and the picking of an angel card for a little guidance for the coming year. I look forward to it and always enjoy my quiet time greeting the new year. :)

  10. We're still in full Christmas mode here, but a couple of days at a beach sounds like fun!

  11. I love seeing the collage, great T day memories! We haven't put away Christmas yet, we will this weekend. I love my tree lights and want them out a bit longer. No plans for us tomorrow, probably watching a movie with the kids and trying to stay up till midnight, lol.
    Happy T Day and New Year!