Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It was a quick and simple day

Last week I took an afternoon to just do some quick and simple cards, and enjoyed the time, and the soft jazz in the background to create these four cards.   Friends are Forever, in blue and white was created by masking off the stripe at the bottom and sponging in the color.  Inkadinkadoo provided the image and sentiment.            

 Just Because was made by masking the pink flower and repeating the image to fall be hind it.  I colored the focal flower with colored pencil, added a stripe of green ribbon and a pink circle with the sentiment on it.

 This black and white card was created by using a regular graphite pencil to shade in the flower.  I trimmed the bottom of the card to leave the leaves hanging of the bottom.  I added a strip of black and white paper to the top and to the bottom of the inside of the card. 

Just a little twist from what I normally do, sometimes "simple" leads to more my case just lets my mind wonder.......LOL
Thanks for stopping in to check up on me! LOL

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  1. Very sweet cards Krisha! The blue one is my favorite I think.