Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Twinichies art exchange

The Gingersnap group is having an other art exchange "Twinichies" 6 for 6.  These are my 6 that were sent out for the exchange.  Twinichies are 2" x 2" works of art.  I chose chip board for my backing, and UTTE embossing powder for the top, along with inks, glitter, and fine colored EB to create the top.  While the EB were still in liquid form I inked up my chosen stamps and pressed them into it.  Embellishments were added with glue or reheating the EB and sinking them into it.  This technique takes some time, but mistakes can easily become part of the art.  I find this so amazing due to the fact that you can maneuver the EB with the heat gun causing a marbling effect or just moving the colors around.  Hope the recipients like them as much as I did making them.


  1. Wouldn't having at least one of these, to pretty to pick which one.

  2. very pretty Krisha. I've done inchies, but haven't tried twinchies yet.

  3. Looks like you had a very fun day! What fun to add your image shapes and reheat and add embellishments too.

  4. oh my goodness; just gorgeous! xo

  5. Krisha, these are beautiful!

    Now I feel like mine are boring!