Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a MESS!!!!!!

This was my first thought Saturday morning when I walked into my craft area.  I had been working on some twiniches, using UTEE, and pages of my journal at the same time and it was a MESS.  I went to photo the journal for a later post, then decided I need to clean-up some what.  LOL I started thinking (big mistake) I would have a little more room if I moved some of these things around. So this is how I spent my Saturday.....all day!

First I had to put some things away.......or so I thought.
 Glad you can't see all the UTEE and mixed embossing powders all over the place.
 Being right handed everything gets tucked to the right for future put away.........never seems to happen.
 After scrounging around for some extra storage ideas, and moving things here and there (ya know sometimes ya have to try it, stand back  and then make a judgement if it is going to work, sometimes repeating the process) It finally started taking shape.
I didn't show you whats under the work bench or the floor, they still need some work done, but there isn't a thing down there that will be stored on the bench......Promise!
But there is still one more wall to concur.

This wall is more for storage and scrap booking items, as you can clearly see I am in great need of cleaning this area! LOL  mostly just put things away.  I used to own the whole room until we went into the trucking business and I had to give DH the opposite wall for his "office" space.  Now we are looking to relocate and it HAS to be a 4 bedroom house....... our bedroom, 1 guest room, 1 office and 1 craft room!!!!!! So keep your fingers crossed for me LOL. 
I love to see other peoples "space and creative " ideas, so if your have pics on your blog leave me the link and I'll check it out, no garsping or laughing....PROMISE!


  1. Looks good, always nice to find things that have gone to the bottom.

  2. Isn't cleaning up the mess fun!! I also tend to stack things to the right to put away! I'm trying to get into the habit of cleaning my table before I start anything new, just to keep the mess to a minimum.

    I cleaned my room on New Years -

    Luckily I do have my own room for crafting, that is also spilling into my DD's room (she's moved out). I would love to build over the garage and have a really BIG craft room! Then it won't look like I have too much stuff because it will be spread out...LOL!

  3. Looks good! I think you're using every inch of wall space... very cool!