Monday, February 27, 2012

Thers is Music in my Soul....Journal pages

 So today was just play in the journal day, my last post was the first two pages from this morning.  These two pages were completed after making a run into town to pick up DH and run his errands and take him to the dentist.  Actually he dropped me off at Beverly's Fabrics and went to the dentist while I got to shop.  I was only looking for white Gesso (which all they had was black) and some quick adhesive.  I did get the adhesive, some Tombow tape runners (on sale) Tombow velum tape runner (on sale) 2 embossing plates from Darcie and a Spellbinders die.  I had a 40% off coupon for the dies,, and I did put back the pack of paper that was
40% off.  The last pack of paper I bought is still in the bag right over there next to me.  So any way the first thing I used was one of the embossing plates from Darcie......sheet music.  After I embossed it I tore the edges and used a chalk ink pad to rub the color onto it.  I then used a pom pom and rubbed TH ink onto it.  So now what?  I like the music so I decided to continue with the journal.  To the pages I took TH ink pads and rubbed then over the surface the did bots that became squares of ink.  I added the music and grabbed red, yellow and dark brown Ranger ink and let them drip onto the page.   Kokopelli went onto the first page (I have used this little guy hundreds of times, but don't remember where he came from)  I have a stamp of stardust and stars that when turned just right can look like Kokopelli is blowing them from his horn.  I did a gold emboss but it didn't pop the way I intended it too, so I dug out my little music note stamps and help him along adding them all over both pages, also adding Music and soul and then writing in the other word at the top.
 The right page I added some dancers, a dance sentiment and a tamped image of music.  My swirling lady is a fine out line so I highlighted her dress with some white paint. Then there are the lovers dancing, (well I call then dancing lovers)

 This is a close up of the swirling lady image.  She is from Stamp Tramp.  If some of you have never heard of these stamp companies it is because the stamps are becoming very old like me....LOL
 Here is my dancing lovers close up.  They are from Her Rubber Stamp Company.  Love the Deco feel of them.
And this is the close up view of the Kokopelli.  A lot of creating went on today, but I did get two beds stripped, linens washed, beds remade and did the dishes.  I even made some chicken soup, it is now cooling on the stove.  Our weather turned cold and it rained almost all day........good soup weather.  But alas I am now caught up on posting, my tummy is hungry and tomorrow it is back to work at 6AM, so it's bed time in 90 minutes!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Beautiful pages--love the swirly images!


  2. Hi
    WOW these pages are full of vitality and energy.
    Stunning depth.
    I've had to sign in as Stampdiva as having problems commenting.

  3. You make me want to start a journal! Love these pages and the colors! Have fun!