Monday, February 27, 2012

Journal Pages.......Life

Feeling creative juices flowing and not really wanting to be confined to a card or tag I grabbed my journal, some paints and inks.  With no particular theme or style in mind I just "Started" first with acrylic paint thinned with water, letting it run down. Then at the bottom and let it run up (ya know it won't run up, so turn the book up-side down LOL)   I took the embossing gun and kinda maneuvered the paint as I dried it, had a really neat effect come from that!!!=0  Ink was drop onto the page and then I blew through a straw and pushed that around.  Took a paint brush and painted with the ink in places and let it dry.  On the left side I added a piece of a page and played with that. 
I added some crunched up tissue paper to spots and let that dry (well let it dry with the heat gun, I'm not one to sit and watch paint dry) It felt too dark so I scrapped some whit paint over areas and let that dry (yea again) I remembered Hels form the Sunday Stamper had thrown out a challenge for "Life" and I just happened to have a couple of stamps that hadn't really been on they went.  As I sat looking at these pages I wonder if anybody would really understand the  globs of paint and ink I had just made when it struck me (light bulb went on) I had read somewhere a quote about images for the beholder, and I couldn't remember where I saw it so I made up my own, printed it on the PC and cut it out and applied to my journal.
"My art is not just for the beholder but inspiration that comes from the depth of my soul and announces it's self to the world" I think that should explain it. It was a great morning and I had a ton of fun just letting loose and playing around with the paint and ink, kinda like being silly in a high class resteraunt!  Which I would love to say I have never done but alss tis no so!
So go over to Hels and check out her blog, she isn't near as messy as I am But you will lover her work. Try going here:   Get out your paint and sling it at some paper, cut loose, laugh at yourself BUT HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!


  1. Love your pages... what fun to move the color around this way.

  2. Lovely page Krisha. The colours are so nice and fresh too. Hugs Rita xxx