Thursday, January 17, 2013

Art Journal pages

Right after Christmas and the last WOYWW for the year, I had my art journal on my work desk, background ready to add something..... This saying kept running through my mind so I added it to the pages.  It SO applies to art journaling, don't you think?  I have had a lot of questions about art journaling, now I AM NOT an expert by any means!!!
 How do I know when it is enough? I don't LOL I do what pleases my eye and if I think there is something missing I post it to my blog and ask for help.

 How do you get started?  well, a blank white page can be very intimidating, so add a color, any color and work from there.  One painting website I found said to always paint your canvas a base color, any color, then it isn't so intimidating when you finally want to start a painting.  Good advise, I say.

 How do you know what to put on it?  Again I don't always have something in mind.  When I started these two pages I was just playing around with running ink, blowing it around with a straw, adding modeling paste and trying not to wear any of it!! LOL. I did cover the pages with Gesso so the inks didn't quickly seep into the paper.  The words came after the new year ( about 2 weeks later). 

Sometimes just making the backgrounds and setting them aside is calming because there isn't that "need" for finish it.

 Sometimes just trying a new technic is fun and can create great backgrounds.  I do watch you tube and I am on pinterest a lot, and have just Googled art journals.  Lots of ideas and inspiration out there.

Just remember it is YOUR journal do what YOU want to do in it.   Just take the journey and see where you go, all your work does not have to be shared, I share what I want and keep some pages for the memories they instill, or because of the memories caused the art. I have also torn out the page and threw it in the trash!!
So I'll now climb off my cardboard box (it's quite squished now) and take my leave.  Hope this helped open that journal and create!!


  1. Honestly, your art journal is very inspiring and I so want to start one! Love all the elements and fun colors! So cool!

  2. LOVE the journal pages and the quote is spot on!

    Your advice is right on the money about art journaling (or many other ventures, as well). It is your work so do what you want, with what you want, with the colors you want, and stop when you want. It is all about YOU!

    Hey not many things are all about you so eat it up while you can!