Sunday, January 6, 2013

Found a way to upload pictures

Okay, so Blogger still hasn't fixed the upload from PC problem, BUT there is a little link that says Picasa Web Album that I did some exploring on.  Wa-La! it shows all the pictures from your blog.  So this might not be new to some of you, but I'm not real savoy on some of these things. LOL
Anyway it is a place that you can store photos on, uploaded for your PC, then onto blogger.  A little slow, but it works.

So, here is the shower invitation that I ended up making 28 of.  All the wording is PC generated, then using my dies I cut the ovals.  The edges are stamped with 2 of a set from Hero Arts, yes individual stamps!!!  The background paper I created on Publisher.

This is the inside, all PC generated.  I know I didn't block out the info, so if your planning on attending make sure you bring diapers and wipes........ LOL
Proof of the quantity for PJ.  LOL

So there they are 28 cards ( well pic of 21 of them) for the month of January, MY personal best to date!!!

For those of us that do have the upload problem I hope this has helped.  Since loosing most of 2012 pictures I am going to store them here, it's free......unless there is something I didn't check out. You can block the public from seeing different albums, so there is a privacy thing you can use.
Now I am ready to just have some fun.  Poor Betsy was about to have a melt-down with all those invitations.......LOL


  1. Ah thanks for this - I wondered what was going on with Blogger! I mostly compose posts using LiveWriter but need the photo access to post pages. Hope it's fixed soon. Thanks also for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Sue x

  2. Glad you found a way round the problem... I've come across so many people having trouble - hope they sort is out soon.
    Lovely, elegant invitations - bravo on getting them all done!
    Alison x

  3. Cute invitations! I had the Blogger uploading problem using Internet Explorer a few days ago, but when I pulled up Blogger in Google Chrome it worked fine, and I haven't had any problems uploading using Chrome this weekend. If you haven't tried using a different browser, you might see if that makes a difference. (And now that I've said this, I have probably jinxed myself and won't be able to upload anymore!).