Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wine Journaling ????

I knew that was going to grab some attention.....LOL!! So playing in my art journal and not really intending on any particular thing, this evolved.  Just some acrylic wash for the back ground, splatters and drips of water, then it was a "ya know that looks like grapes hanging there" moment.  That was all it took to wash in a little green and darken the grapes.  Once it was dry I took a Sharpie marker and sketched in the items. "Now is a Good Time" kept rattling around in my head ( the echo was driving me crazy) so I printed it out, but kept saying it is a little early, then "Wine not", pop up and joined the other letters. Okay, I do spend a lot of time alone.................LOL  So this really was a fast and simple page to do, but I like the way it turned out.  What do you think? Hummmmmm, Merlot is really sounding good and it is, after all 5 o'clock somewhere... (oh, it's 5 o'clock right here!!)

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