Friday, January 11, 2013

Center Pieces.......DONE!

All four on the dinning room table
 Baby shower center pieces are now finished! Yahooo!! Not that there were that many to do, but a lot of hand work involved this time.  Now, (as I have been telling myself for over a week)I need to pay attention to the rest of the house. LOL Like that is going to happen today when I have a weekly planner printed out that needs to go together and prepared to log some of the challenges I want to join in. There are also some birthday cards to make and
Front view

back view with ready mix truck
 of course Valentines to make. Betsy( the name of my desk top, named on a whim) is ready for some stamping and card making. I usually just make Valentines for the GK, but it is also one of my DIL's birthday. Also need to make new file folders (2013) for DH's business files.  Lots to do so I better get started if I want to pick up a stamp today!! LOL
Have a GREAT weekend!
Here is how the bears started, you can see how I applied the water color pencil then used a WET brush to shade them in.  After I printed them  I sealed each sheet with a mat spray so the water and color wouldn't instantly absorb into the paper.  That way the printer ink won't smear and there is a little wiggle time to float the paint.


  1. These are fabulous! The shower will be very festive with these centerpieces.

  2. So adorable! Great idea about spraying your pape with a matte spray, I will have to try that sometime. Thanks for sharing!

  3. ooh, love it... do u have link for the bear.. I have been looking to add to my baby theme layouts. just love it. thanks..

  4. oh my goodness, they are so stinking cute that no one will notice if there are cobwebs in the comers of your house LOL! Well done, I'm sure the guests will want to keep these centerpieces!

  5. Wow - totally worth all the hard work, Krisha - they look amazing! Hope today's crafting is going well and you're charging through your to-do list...
    Alison x

  6. These look so beautifully made they must be amazing in real life! Hope the To-Do List is shrinking!