Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tangle Tiles

It has been very cold here in California for the past couple of weeks, well, for us it has been cold.  Dropping down to 25' at night and only reaching around 48' during the day.  You have to remember I live in an agricultural area, in the San Joaquin Valley, and these freezing nights are hard on the oranges, lemons and grapefruit, but the bulbs in my flowerbeds are loven it!!  When the weather gets like this we use the wood burning stove in the living room to keep things toasty the living room, dining room and the kitchen that is.  Down the hall and around the corner to the craft/office room it gets quite chilly!!  So I have been in that part of the house quite a bit.  I've been grabbing some tangle tiles and messing about with them. I usually just do them in my tangle journal, cause I thought the 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" tile to be too confining, but had read a challenge on one of the blogs. ( Wish I had paid more attention to where I was, cause I can't find it now...UGH!) This blog had some patterns to print out, transfer and then tangle, so, okay thought I'd give it a try., BUT they were for the tile size cards!  Once they were tangled with ink I went to the next challenge and did some shading with a #2 pencil.  Here are six I did over the weekend, I was surprised how much fun this size is, and how quickly they can be finished.
 I am glad that it is going to start warming up to the mid 50s this week and not dropping to the 20s at night, now we have to worry about the fog rolling in when the temp gos up!  This valley only has two seasons Winter, and Summer, or so it seems.  Cold damp winters and scalding hot summers.  The mountains around us are showing some much needed snow.  That is the water for the summer crops!  Oh well, enough weather reports, or bitching.  Almost time for WOYWW.


  1. Your tangles are amazing!

    Keep cozy! It's pretty nippy out this coast as well.

  2. Cool tangle tiles! Something I can not do so I so appreciate those that can!

  3. really love your tangles, the shading is great! can you tell me what paper you are using? I have just started doing tangles and so far I have just been using sketch and computer paper.I am so cheep.and its not working well for shading. keep up the good work I will be following ❤❤❤