Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blogger says NO Uploading Pictures for You....

Well, if that isn't a fine Happy New Year.  I can post but not upload any pictures!!!  I went into Google and they said it is only happening to some (guess my number was up) and they are working to correct it. BUMMER!! I spent two days working on 21 baby shower cards and wanted to share them.  Now 21 cards for the first week of the new year is a record for me and I did want to boast (just a little)  Guess it really is "Pride goth before the fall!"....... LOL
So all I can say, at this point, is stay tuned...........


  1. Same with me.... no, I didn't make 21 cards in one week, but I'd be singing it from the highest mountains if I did. I meant I couldn't upload pictures either via Internet Explorer. Now then, from home Firefox never works for me, so I gave it a whirl and it worked. Go figure. Something is screwy for sure. We'll patiently for the 21 cards.... hurry up, Blogger!!!

  2. I have never seen blogger fix some of these weird problems and that is why many use Chrome! You are not alone!