Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Time

Oh MY! 10 days since my last post....ugh! AND it is Valentine time too.  This pretty pink and white valentine was a couple of experiments put together.  I embossed the card with a new 5x7 embossing folder.......LUV IT!!  Experimented with inking up the trim around the inside heart, you say I have done this before? Well yes but not with a dried up ink pad,,,,LOL  I wanted just the edge of the doilie to be the same pink, so I cut the edge off one to make a mask and ink the edge sticking out.  You say I have done this before? Yes, but not with a dried up ink pad....LOL  I trimmed the edge of the card with lace and silk ribbon.  The hearts are resting on pop-dots, so they are stacked up, not too high but enough to give it some interest.  I did add a pink silk ribbon bow to finish it off.
So what else did I do in those 10 days?  I actually cleaned house and have been making myself spend a couple hours EVERY morning repeating the process.  It takes less time when I don't wait sooooooo long before doing it again. Go figure!!
I also read a book, a real book with paper pages, a front and a back cover!!  I also did some tangles, watched my Granddaughter, Hannah on Martin Luther Kings B-day.
Then to top all that off I CLEANED my stamp table (or counter as it may be) I didn't straightened up, I mean pulled everything off and scrubbed it!! Even ent through some drawers and got rid of some stuff ( yes got rid of it) You will have to check back later for WOYWW and see for yourself, if the clean white paint doesn't put out too much glare........LOL
I wan to thank and apologise to a couple new followers for my long absence from my blog, it is always so much fun to see new faces and get to know everybody.

WOYWW starts tonight, well tomorrow morning in the UK, hope everybody is geared up for it.  I missed last week but I need to grab the camera in a couple hours and get ready to play this week.  Come join us.


  1. It's a lovely card. A clever idea.
    Sometimes spring cleaning just grabs us. ;-p

  2. This is so beautiful and quite dreamy.