Monday, March 11, 2013

A Journaling Weekend Double Down

It really started with the winter storm that rolled through on Friday and the rain pouring down.  It was also cold and windy so I had time to just mess around on Betsy. I also spent some time watching journaling videos on You  Tube, found some great ones and I'll try to list the links at the bottom of this post if I can find them again.
So for this page I did a textured background with tissue paper.( HINT: If you're going to try this and want to use stamped images keep a smooth spot or stamp your images on the tissue paper. I did not do this) I glued down some TH Tattered flowers, the right ones are cut from a dictionary page.  The ones on the right I doodled on the leaves, but the spacers and stems are melted, flattened spoons...LOL  then I placed a smaller flower over the middle. The flower in the upper right corner became the sun. There is lace up the left side, ribbon scraps at the bottom, painted stems and leaves, a couple stamped butterflies, sticker letters and a cut out form the Cricut cartridge "Ornamental Iron".  The background was washed with acrylic paint.  The words on the flower petals say "but it is pouring rain today" I did this in a landscape and still do not know if I like the finished results., but it is on the back of a page I DO like, so I can't tear it out!!  I did go back and add Tinkerbell, she had been flying around Betsy for some time and I finally nabbed her and glued her down!! LOL

Sundays journal page went quite differently. This was done in a reverse mode, doing the background LAST. I did pencil in the design first (yep, the fear gremlin keeps me from living life without and eraser LOL gotta get rid of him!) I then went over it with a black Sharpie pen.  I used colored pencil on this page because it has a wax to it and would resist the washed background.  Once all the color was in place I did go over some of the black areas to make them pop, the water colors tended to dull the black.  Then I just doddle around on it till I liked what I had. This did take me all day to finish, cause there was some grocery shopping that had to be done and more packing and loading the trailer to be done....ya know how that gos??

More and more people are art journaling and having a hard time finding a journal that will hold up to washes of paint and ink.  This is the one I stand firmly behind, as I use both sides of each page.  I found them at Michael's Craft store, they run about $15.00 but I always use their 40% off coupon.

Have a GREAT week.
Inky Hugs
Here is a great link for you: this has many video links and she is just facinating.  I have her book marked in my favorites!!


  1. Nothing like a bad weather day to produce some amazing art! These journal pages are gorgeous and so inviting of Spring, which I think this week is here! I am not sure I like art journaling or just don't get it. I start something and then really don't like it and can't continue! I will watch the link!!! Enjoy the week!

  2. These. Pages are lovely Krisha, I love the Carpe Diem one especially :) Debi x

  3. I have been looking at video's too....guess I need to just 'do it'!!! I love both of your pages and your fun tips!

  4. I think both you pages work fantastically Krisha. My friend uses that same book and she swears by it (and trust me when I say she's really into inky layers!!!) Well done! X

  5. Your pages are great...yep it takes a switching of thought process and I'm still at the studied switching stage! I use the same book and that brand for other art journal projects.

  6. Beautiful journal. One has to biggify your top picture to truly appreciate all the this and thats that went into it as well as all the texture. I think Tinkerbelle is fine addition to the page. I like your Carpi Diem page as well, but not as much as the top one.

  7. these are delightful! an excellent use of a rainy day! xo