Saturday, March 9, 2013

Old Dogs and New Tricks

Friday it poured down rain, here, all day so there was plenty of play-time.  I have had a full set of Prisma colored pencils for years and have always enjoyed them and the quality of of the colors are just great.  They are soft and very blendable.  For years I have used the dry blender for these pencil and have been so-so satisfied with the out come.  Once you have used that dry blender, which just mixes the pigment and smooths out the wax, there is no "tooth" left on the paper and adding any more color is next to impossible.  I have tried the blender pens, they are okay, I have used coordinating markers over the top of the pencil and found that to be better.  I was on You Tube (yes AGAIN!! LOL) and happened to watch a couple of videos on these pencils and found them to be VERY good and full of information.  Just go to You Tube and type in Prisma color pencils and your there. 
So what is the new trick I learned?? (I know your wanting to know) Well, one video was showing the blending technique with OMS (orderless mineral spirits).  I have used these with my oils but do you think I STILL have some? Heck NO!! So I ended up at AARON'S art supply and picked up some, and some of the paper blending stumps (like you use in graphite drawing, mine are all full of graphite).  So Thursday afternoon I spent just stamping images and coloring, and blending.  I just used cheap smooth white card stock and black StazOn ink.  I did heat set the image, I was really wanting to see how this would effect the inked image on cheap paper, cause we all know that the alcohol ink markers don't work so well doing this.
Well I was so surprised with the first one, no bleeding of the black ink and the pencil took on a marker quality!!! WAAAHOOO!!!
So this little stamped image is an oldie but a goodie, colored with pencil and blended with OMS, may not be my best, but it gives you the idea of how it looks ( I do plan on more practicing with the blending stumps).  I would say it would be even better on better quality paper.  The background was a fun one too.  I just rubbed the stamp pad on the Negative side (where the design is lower than the background part) then embossed white cs and made a great background paper
 I know there are those of you that already knew about this OMS technique, but I'm an OLD DOG!! LOL

Here is the link to the video I watched, she did use a better quality paper than I did and she used Versa Fine ink pad


  1. Isn't it wonderful our the internet can open up new possibilities to us crafters.
    This is so adorable Krisha.

  2. Such pretty clolours and a very professional finish
    Rosie x