Saturday, March 2, 2013

My first Marotte or Rod Puppet

OMGosh the weekend is nearly over, how does this time thing work anway?  I thought being retired would give me ALL the time in the world to putter around with all my artsy stuff......Hmmmmm??

So here is a Marotte (that is how it is spelled on the net), or Rod Puppet I made yesterday (did it really take me all day to make him??) He is a free Mardi Gras image I found on the "net", ran him through Printshop and flipped one to make a mirrored image, trimmed him out and just glued the edges, so there would be room for the stick and ribbons.  I added lots of rhinestones to his hat and collar, and some feathers to his hat.  Also added rhinestones to the ribbons and there is also a string of gold beads.  I thought I had a large wooden bead for the bottom, but alas there were none left, but I did come across this twisted bead thing (best name for it LOL) that I had made with Filmo clay and for what ever the reason I had added a stripe of beads to it.

I wasn't really sure what the name of these type things is so I did look them up, trying different search descriptions.  Hey! I learned something in doing this.  These really date back to kings and queens and court jesters.


Here is a closer shot of the head and all the sparklies.
Here is the twisted bead thingy I made with the seed bead band around it.
I did get an other mixed media piece finished too, but that will have to wait for a later post.  
Hope your weekend is a productive one no matter what you are doing.  Now to hang my Jester up on the wall around Betsy.


  1. This is impressive--what a fabulous project!

  2. Wonderful. I love it. An enchanting addition to Betsy.