Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

It is still early Easter morning here.  Here? Where am I? Oh yes I drove home yesterday for the Easter festivities this afternoon!  What a blur the last two weeks have been.  Taylor Ogle decided to wait an extra 6 days before making an appearance to the world.  So on March 26 at 11:01A.M. he arrived in our family, weighing 6lbs. 9 oz. and measuring 19 3/4" long and looking just like his Daddy!!  Here are a couple of pictures, just a few hours old, well he is, Grandma is .......well much older! LOL

I did make Easter cards and worked in my art journals, but those pictures are on my lap top and in San Diego, so I don't have any art creativity to share.  Just what God created for this post.  We are just so blessed with our children and grandchildren.  Older son and family joined us for three days so I had the whole family together...Yeah!!  While Mommy made the trip home form the hospital and got situated with Taylor we kept Danica busy, she LOVES her cousins Hannah and Megan.
Here we are at the Scripts Birch Aquarium.  Beautiful day but we were looking right into the sun, so Hannah looks like she is crying.
Well blog friends I need to finish my laundry, re-pack it and get ready for this afternoon's festivities, or I will fill this post with all 84 pictures from my camera.  The other 20 or so are on my cell phone.  Isn't technology something theses it.
I am off to San Diego again tomorrow morning early, to help with a VERY active 2 year old.  She has been my new diet.... LOL she can walk over a mile so we hit the park everyday.
Posts will be slow for the next two weeks, Grandma gets a good work out and comes back to the trailer pooped. 
Hope your Sunday is a blessed as mine is.
Inky Hugs


  1. I was wondering why I had not seen you! Happy Easter and welcome little Taylor! How cute and precious! Lovely family photos! Hugs!

  2. Congratulations to you all, Happy Easter
    Rosie x

  3. Congrats to everyone on a tremendously cute addition to the family!