Friday, June 7, 2013

1 CAD catching up

Day 4 wallpaper           Day 5 recycle
Happy Friday Bloggers, and welcome  Lucy, a new follower.
Yes this blog has been quiet since Wednesday, we were having "intranet interrupt-us" (no intranet for 2 days) Cell phones are great and we could get to e-mails, an intranet....but no posting to the blog.  So that smart phone isn't so smart after all!! LOL

So here are four days of  1 CAD.  I have been thinking (for 2 quiet days) that I am not going to post these everyday but haven't really figured out which day I will post all of them. 
Day 6 crwon                      Day 7 paisley
Friday is the practical day, since that is the last day, but every even Friday is a RRD DT post.
Mondays are for CSP DT post, and Wednesdays are OUT thats saved for WOYWW ( even re-scheduled my DR. on that day) So what to do?? It is only for two months, so I am thinking maybe Tuesdays to recap the week before.  What do you think?

So this is the last four days:

Day 4: wallpaper, this made me think of the OLD type wall paper, sometimes it was even flocked.......(oooh, that just really dated me)

Day 5: recycle, I keep all the acetate prints that come with the clear stamps, and thought I would use this bird for this card.

Day 6: crowns, dry embossed the background paper and cut out a crown, glittered it all up and added it.

Day 7: paisley, LOVE paisley prints, used to wear them all the time (an other way of dating myself).
And for those who think I have a stamp for everything, well no, but I did MAKE a shadow stamp of a paisley, then doodled them up.

I am going to make a book of all of them, so I made a cover, but that will appear on the next post (the one above this one)

Inky Hugs


  1. Like the paisley very much!

  2. Love them all Krisha, shall we have an extra day in the week because I think we all need one?
    Rosie x

  3. Very nice, but I especially like the glittery crown. We could all use one of those, no? ;-)

  4. Well, aren't you the clever one. I'm not a paisley gal, so your zendoodles of paisley were fantastic. I'm having the same problem posting my ICADs, too. I decided on Sunday, since I, like you, have too many things going on during the rest of the week.

    Storms with lightening have kept my computer off more than on for several days. I would have been here earlier, otherwise.

    BTW, may I PLEASE add your blog icon to my left sidebar? That's how I EASILY keep track of my favorite blogs. And yours is quickly becoming a favorite. And of course, I want to come play in your craft studio, too, but visiting your blog is more doable (grin).

  5. a great variety of cards...beautiful paisley!

  6. your cards are lovely and one of the great things about ICAD is finding new blogs.... I am certainly looking forward to coming back and seeing what you create in your next cards...xx

  7. Love the paisley! A lovely selection of cards. :) I am going to bind mine at the end...I think!