Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Stay Friends

Ok, so the big fear is Google reader shutting down in a few days, and what will we do?  Seems everybody has kind of scattered to different places.  I finally chose two to use to keep in touch with the blogs I follow.  My favorite is Bloglovin' and this is the one and only one I will use daily.  It was so easy to set up and I like the way it feeds the posts. (a lot like Google reader)
click on this button on my side bar to get there
I had also started Network Blogs.  This one does use Facebook to log in with.  I will use this only on occasion, if at all.  I have had a Facebook account for years, but in the last year I have had nothing but problems with my e-mail being compromised (BIG pain in the rear!!) if I don't sign out each time.  It happened this week.....AGAIN! Yes, I know it is my fault for not signing out, but I get to reading blogs and jumping back and forth and forget. I have to keep changing passwords and this does not sit right with me anymore.

I am not going to follow by any other means, like Google + or some of the others that are out there.  It is just too much to keep track of.  Sorry if I offend anybody, as I really do want to keep in touch with the blogs I like to read and follow, and I hope you want to keep in touch with me and my blog.

Blasted Google reader any way!!! Why they can't just leave things alone is beyond me.


  1. We'll stay in touch!
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. I clicked the button and like how it looks I may try it if this is not to my liking. what I do not like on Feedly is it does not take you to the actual blog and it is impossible to comment without opening the blog , a quite simple process. it is possible that there is an easier way. They have a simple system to categorize all the blogs that I may try.