Thursday, June 27, 2013

Look What I found!! and a peek!

TAG 001OMGosh! The things you find when you start doing a "DEEP" clean.  I thought I had lost this tag I made while in San Diego in March.  FOUND IT, under a pile of things that needed to be put away....LOL  I used a stamp from the Rogue Redhead Designs Beach Babes (RRD005)  for this tag and NOW seems to be a good time to post it since it is red, white and blue, and since the 4th of July is next week AND I'll be at the beach....(grinning from ear to ear!)

TAG 002

Here is a tag and an embellishment I made a couple YEARS ago (yep years) for a scrapbook page.  They just involve navy c.s. and vellum.  But HEY, I FOUND them.....LOL

TAG 007 - Copy
A sneak peek of what's been going on
Ok, I have to confess, Betsy still looks the same as yesterday for WOYWW. I had to blog snoop (as I am a very nosey blogger) at as many desks as possible before heading to the Dr. for a back adjustment. Then there were a few errands that needed to be done, and well, you know how it all goes!! It was after noon when I finally got back home and man-o-man was the weather nasty! Hot and humid and just plain yucky!! So I came back and did more blog snooping (to darn hot to do anything else). 
Today the temperature is supposed to climb to 100'F and the air conditioner is definitely ON!! So that means I will work on some more cleaning.

I have started using Windows Live Writer to load pictures to my blog and I am loving it!!  It is a free download from Microsoft site.  It is so much easier and you can do the whole post with it, or just pictures, and save a copy to your PC too.  I have played around with just pictures and writing the whole post with it and both are easy peasy!! Thank you Soshie!! who left a comment about this on Cindy's blog.

So before signing off and getting to work I do want to welcome Sam Healey a new follower. Hi Sam!!

Inky Hugs


  1. had to laugh at finding your tag under a pile- cause I know that feeling- lol
    great tag Krisha
    Debi x

  2. It is a great moment when you find something that was lost like that and it is a lovely design. I an trying to learn My Feely, I think that is what it is called. It is the replacement for Blogger Dashboard Reader that will expire July 1. Hate having to mess with this when I so much I want to try today.

  3. It should read My Feedly. No wonder i can't use it properly!

  4. Love the tag. Very, very patriotic. Nice that you found it.

    And talk about HOT. Your temps sound like mine.

    You asked about rinse aid. That is the name of it. It is blue-green and you put it in your dishwasher once a month or so to keep the spots off your dishes. Anyway, this stuff acts as a resist when you apply it over or under paint. I'll find the exact recipe/directions and send them to you when I can get to the book.