Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WOYWW 212 Betsy Bares ALL

WOYWW 212 010
Welcome back to an other WOYWW!! Click HERE to find out what this is all about, if this is your first time seeing the WOYWW.  A week since my last post, a crazy week of doing different things that kept me away from my blog.  To my followers I do apologize, especially to my new follower Anna ….Hi Anna!
So here is Betsy this week, a lot of “stuff” that needs to be dealt with, and put away.  Yes, Betsy looks a little different, more about that later.  Just what are you looking at?
Just peeking on the left side in my I-POD docking station (have to have my music to work by), and behind that is a 3 drawer storage unit.
On the back wall is a small 3 drawer unit with a drawer on top that holds my gel pens, then my mounting blocks then a marker holder (I made yesterday) and then of course my ink pads.
Down in front is a Gelli  Plate (I made that yesterday too) A stack of digis and offerings that need a home.  The whit basket on the right came from next to my paper cutter and holds this, that and everything in between: digis, die cuts, stamped images pre made blank cards cards, and etc.
That’s it short and sweet just like Julia wants it.  Who’s Julia? Get to know her here: Stamping Ground Blog
WOYWW 212 004
                              To my left

WOYWW 212 003
To my right

WOYWW 212 005


WOYWW 212 001

The wall to my left, you enter the room from the right

WOYWW 212 006

Computer table straight behind me.  This is where I am right now

WOYWW 212 007
This is NOT my responsibility!! Let’s get that clear NOW!  This is the DH’s “office

Okay you made it through without needing a “life line” tied around your waist.  How ya feeling?
I have spent TWO days cleaning in here (after I took the pictures), going through things, consolidating. re-organizing ( ya, I did a smaller version of this a couple weeks ago, but this went MUCH deeper) I have made myself put things away or find a good place for them. WHY? cause company is coming  July 12 ( see my side bar) and I need this room in shape.  Yes, it is still 16 days away BUT we are trailering-up and heading for the beach next week, the 3rd thru the 7th.  WAAHOO!  So there won’t be time when I get back to deep clean. I'll be giving sneak pre-views a little at a time until the 12 of July,except whenI am at the BEACH!!!! 6 more days!!

Inky Hugs


  1. Your room does not shock or surprize me lol it shows you've been busy crafting your heart away but I totally understand about cleaning before company comes over it's ok to share it on woyww seeing we all love the snoop :)
    hugs Nikki # 9
    I have some candy too

  2. Thank you for the sneaky peek in your room :-) I love all your organised goodies and HOW did you make a gelli plate ???!!! Awesome. :-)

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx #35

  3. Have a great time at the beach. Your room looks amazing...really organised. Hugs. Pam#28

  4. oh wow I love your room - it didn't look too bad to me, but then I am messy by nature... lol! have a great day. Helen 7

  5. You made a gelli plate!!! Wow! I'm in awe! I love all the lovely details in your room, actually! I wish I didn't acquire clutter; but it's just my nature so I'm bound to enjoy looking at other people's. Have a great time at the beach!!! Julie Ann #64

  6. great space

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week

    Candace #43

  7. Wow you did a great job with the organisation of your craft area.
    Bridget #3

  8. That's a lovely workspace. Brave of you to tackle the deep cleaning =).
    I always end up playing with stuff in stead of putting it away. But I have managed to stay in my tiny corner, so far... though I'm afraid it is growing...
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.

  9. We love your extending desk! Ours does that when crafting sometimes! Happy holidays by the way.

    From the bears with no idea what no. We posted at.

  10. Hi Krisha - love love love your pink walls - they look brilliant in the photos - and I love your all round work space too... Happy WOYWW - Mxx #99

  11. What a fun workspace you have, yes, I did view it all!! (I'm nosy and curious and all.. *teehee*) HAve fun with the gelli plate, I always make them myself too, which makes me think I should make another one soon since I had to throw away the last one (it got all moldy and slimy).. enjoy the beach!! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #91

  12. Awesome pics of your workspace- thats a real crafters room,lol. Hope you have a great beach break, Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #48 xx

  13. I love your studio and how you have such interesting things here and there. My DH office looks like yours he has piles everywhere of stuff each piles is a specific set of stuff. Where are you headed rving this time. we leave for California at the end of July.

  14. Your space is fab and creative. Please post how you made your Gelli Plate when you have the time.
    Have a wonderful time at the beach
    Rosie x

  15. Hi Krisha
    It looks like you are juggling a lot of things in your craft area but I am sure you will get it sorted soon.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog and for your lovely comment

  16. Great pics of the craft area... and yep, it looks pretty much how most of them do... its the putting the stuff away that is so hard. I'm impressed you made your own gelli plate... haven't gone there yet, figured I really didn't need any more distractions than I already have! Annette #6

  17. Nothing like impending visitors to focus the mind on dealing with 'stuff' I find! Have a good time at the beach, Cindy

  18. I think it is safe to blame everything on the hubby LOL-works for me! I am sure he even painted his office pink! You have a wonderful space with tons of inspiration! Happy WOYWW! Sue Kment 21

  19. Well it looks as if it's coming along, Krisha--hang in there with the cleaning, I've barely started on my mess, so I'm feeling your pain here!

    Have fun at the beach!

    #144 this week with
    a mess and a love apple

  20. It's lovely to have a thorough sort out. Freshens the place up a little and frees your mind to think about fun filled projecs instead! Well done and keep up the great work. Thanks for popping by and hope you have a great week - Lucy #37 x

  21. I think that we all know and understand that your desk is ok really! I have seen much worse ones than Betsy's delights!! However, I do think that a good sort out every so often helps....not least because when I do it, I always find things I'd forgotten about!! Lol
    Have fun at the beach :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 31 xx

  22. Hi Krisha, wow all that hard work you must be exhausted, I know, it's no fun sorting and tidying but you do get a sense of achievement at the end. So enjoy your trip and make the most of a bit of R+R at the beach you deserve it.
    Happy art making
    Hugs Lottie #10

  23. First of all have a great vacation!
    Love your pen storage that you made. You made a Gelli Plate? Gosh am full of admiration for that.
    I think I see one of your shelves has a slight bend on it - am I right? I notice some of mine are doing that - just hope they hold out a few years.
    Sorry I am so late, dare I say it, cleaning got in the way - and thanks for visiting me yesterday. Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  24. Your space is bursting with creativity! I bet we would get along just fine! Good for you and have a wonderful trip!

  25. OOOh yet another wonderful creative space! I seriously must try to tidy mine but somehow I always seem to get distracted with 'stuff' I find lying under 'stuff'! *sighs* !

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    Take care and enjoy your trip to the beach.

    Jackie #15

  26. Hi Krisha
    Nah, not really that messy..... just lived in and loved. much more important. Enjoy the rest of your tidying
    janet #39

  27. Your room looks fabulous! Certainly not messy, just creative :)
    HOW did you make the Gelli plate???

    RosA #11

  28. Late this week. Been busy fighting a headache and strong winds and hot weather, which led to fires around the area. No, I didn't fight the fires, but I did fight the headache.

    It's always good to see where a person really makes art. It put the entire room in perspective. Guess you knew I was #1 this week.

  29. You certainly did bare all, Krisha! Good for you and well done having a clean and sort! Nothing like company coming to inspire a good cleaning, is there?! Have a wonderful time camping and Happy 4th!! Thanks for coming by to visit me! Darnell #32

  30. i'm dropping by to say hi and thank you for visiting me! i love the big space you have for crafting. i always think my desk will be tidy if only i had a big space. but then, maybe not!
    happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  31. G'day Krisha
    thanks for dropping by my desk and leaving a comment for WOYWW. Sorry I am always the late one getting back to you LOL. OMG I love your art room and its just how an art room should look LOL. Mine is so small...maybe one day I'll share what is at the sides and under my table too. I did tidy it all up and de clutter 3 yrs ago but its getting out of hand again. Good for you in making a geli plate. I have two recipes and the ingredients but I'm side tracked by jewellery at the moment :o)
    Annette In Oz #23

  32. Company?! Is Flat Susan coming for her visit? 'We' are anxiously waiting for her to visit FL. and the girls too. :) Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #108 ...running late like a certain rabbit. :)

  33. I had to laugh seeing your room as mine is frequently in the same state of, um, creativity?? Happy belated WOYWW!
    Carol N #112

  34. I love how some artists can work in creative chaos. Then there's me. LOL Checking out My Dessert Collage now.
    Creative Blessings & Safe travels! Kelly #110

  35. LOL - definitely NOT needing an oxygen supply - looks like my room!!!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such nice comments - sorry I'm so late getting back to you...