Thursday, February 13, 2014

Jouirnal 52 weeks 5 and 6

A little behind in getting these journal pages posted, BUT I did have them finished in time....LOL
Week five was all about abstracts (I love abstracts) This was a ruler and variety of pencils type page.  I did add a couple scraps of paper too.  Like  Zentangle these make my mind go completely blank and I just enjoy the moment.

Week 6, which is this week it is all about the lost art of Love Letters.  I started out with spritz and sprays of inks, water base and alcohol.  I love to mix them up on the page, then spray some water on them.  The heart was created with gelatos and then watered down with a very wet brush.  The Y and the U are painted with acrylic and a sticker for the O.  I added some die cuts around the corners, since I had just spent some time playing around with the Cricut.
I started out with some quotes in mind, and then some mushy stuff. Like "You fill my heart, or My heart would be empty without you".  When I had reached this point I just went for the simple you in the heart.  I think it says it all, and can be for anybody seeing the page.
Sorry the scan chopped off some of the edges, this is a 9 x 12 so it doesn't quite fit, but my battery in my camera is almost dead and the extra battery and the charger seemed to have gotten left in the trailer, and the trailer is in storage. :(   So add one more errand to todays already long list of things to do......LOL  Such is life.
Inky Hugs


  1. You made abstract look FUN. For me, it was a chore. I really like yours, because I'm also very into geometric shapes.

    WOW, I wish I owned one of those die cutters. That was perfect, the way you embellished the page. I also like the simplicity of this page. You did a wonderful job with your love letter.

  2. I really like your bold graphic abstract page. I can understand how easy it is to let your mind go blank and just create. Your love letter page is nifty too, but sounds a bit messy to make!

  3. Like them both but struck by the abstract. I don't see much abstract art on blogs. Maybe I'm just not getting around to the right ones.


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