Monday, February 17, 2014

T for Winemaker Luncheon

 Welcome to T and Tuesdays with the Queen of Tea Elizabeth and Bluebeard.
This week my drink is an adult beverage, a golden Viogner wine, while sitting on the patio area of a winery over on the coast.  We were there for a Winemaker Luncheon and to pick up our spring collection of wine.
Here is the tasting room, which is open to the public for wine tasting.  They always pair it with on appetizer and will give  you the recipes.
 The winery sits on top of a hill, here is the view you can enjoy while sitting in chairs, made of wine barrels, and tasting your wine.

 This is the patio area, where they had those of us there for the luncheon, gather.  It is also a spot where you can sit and sip your wine during a tasting.
Two of the employees, that were our hostesses, and got everybody checked in  and made sure we all started with the Viogner. 
 The tables were set up on a lower level, just outside the doors to the working part of the winery
The gentleman in the beany is John, the owner of the winery

Once we were all seated John had a few words to say.
 Just waiting for the cabbage salad, braised lamb and pork stew with a delicious flat bread, and of course a sample of all the new wines. 
It was really a good gourmet meal, the cabbage salad was my very favorite.  I don't even remember what dessert was.....LOL
A Spring Picture for all our friends still experiencing the bitter winter.
Today was a holiday, here in the States, President's day and there was no school so I got to have the Grand-Ds for a sleep over and a day of fun.  The almonds are in various stages of blooming, depending on the variety.  The girls are walking in one that has started to drop the blooms.
So what are you drinking today?
I will be around tomorrow (Tuesday) to find out what's in your cuppa and what you have been up to this week.......right now it is late Monday night and I think I hear my pillow calling to me........
Inky Hugs


  1. The wine tasting luncheon looks like a lot of fun. I enjoy visiting different wineries from time to time.

    What a beautiful photo of the girls walking among the blossoming trees.


  2. i've never been to a winery, but this one is in a beautiful location. it would be so nice to sit and look over that scene,

    your grandkids have a fun place to wander :)

  3. I am envying you the weather with green grass and shirt sleeve temperatures! lovely photos...

  4. When I lived in Missouri, I visited a couple of wineries, but the tasting never included anything that fancy or a menu that was to die for. You must be very good clients to rate such great tasting.

    And of course, I also enjoyed the beautiful almond fields. Never seen an almond in bloom before, but I've been tempted to buy some almond milk.

    Wonderful trips to your area you gave us this week. Thanks for sharing this unique trip with us.

  5. How nice these pictures are to see, we have blowing snow outside today and no school again, YUCK!!

    What a lovely place for your wine luncheon, loved all the scenery. Way to go on taking pictures and not letting the place/people/crowd stop you from doing so.
    The trees are so pretty, can't wait for spring. Cute little ones you have too. Hope you enjoyed the sleepover with them.
    Happy T Day!

  6. What a gorgeous setting and it looks like it was a lot of fun!!
    I love wine tastings and well wine drinking as well ;-)
    Have a wonderful day

  7. what a beautiful space for a wine tasting and luncheon! One day I will get to one nearby although I'm not particularly impressed with any of our PA wines I've tasted thus far :). Happy T day!

  8. Hi Krisha, ohhh how I love wineries! (Hopefully that doesn't make me sound like a wino!!) Thanks for sharing some photos of your trip! What a great T post!

  9. What winery is that? it all looks so very dry there, it must be Paso Robles area.
    Enjoyed the post and it sounds ike a great event and enjoyable,

  10. The menu sounds like it was delish! Looks as if a good time was had by all.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. Just the usual water for me today, thanks. They frown on anything stronger here at work. Such party poopers. The wine tasting luncheon looks like it was a fun and relaxing time.

  12. Yum and Yum! Beautiful photos!
    Tangerine&orange juice from my neighbor's trees.

  13. Now THAT is my kind of T on a Tuesday!!! When can I come over please?

  14. So happy to see photos that speak of Spring. The last one with your grand daughters is my favorite

  15. What a great day out! such a beautiful place. I am sure I'd enjoy the luncheon, even though I don't drink - except tea of course