T- stands for Tasty water......

notice the note to myself to pick up my wine?  grin
 Yes, my friends is plain old water tonight. I really am trying to get myself to drink more of it.  Too bad the water out of the faucet tastes just like the chemicals the dump into it to make it taste better and be healthier.  Humph!  Our water used to be the best tasting around until they tested it!!!  So now the DH and I drink it out of a bottle, that most likely comes from a faucet within ten mile of here, AND we have to pay for it.....LOL   At least I can stand the taste of it.
January 31 my daffodils was starting to bloom.  The bud was open today so now I have two!  Right next to this pot is my potted poinsettia, still blooming........now that is the picture I should have taken!!

It has finally cooled back down to winter temperatures around here.  We even had some sprinkles a time or two.  You know just enough to mess up the windshield of your card and make a dirty car look even worse!  

Thanks to Elizabeth and Bluebeard for hosting T Stands for Tuesday.  Our little group is growing, but all are welcome to come play with us.

What's in your cuppa today?

Inky Hugs


  1. i haven't seen any daffodils in bloom yet around here. i look forward to them every year as a sign spring has truly come -even if there's snow still on the ground lol

  2. I get excited when the first daffs appear in the spring. Glad you got some rain even if it was only a sprinkle.


  3. I remember the first time I went to LA (actually San Fernando area). I was told the drinking water was so foul, everyone bought water. But it came in huge containers that had spigots and set on stands provided by the water company. What a waste of plastic.

    I do love those daffodils. My jonquils bloom before the daffs, though. BTW, it's snowing here and we have an estimated 9-12 inches before it ends tonight. Then more on the way on Thursday, then again on Saturday. Gotta LOVE this winter!

  4. What I meant was those little non-refillable plastic bottles are a real waste. Hope you didn't think I meant the huge refillable bottles.

  5. looks like Elizabeth and I are sharing the same lovely weather of late :( Today my cuppa is filled with vanilla chai tea although in between I do drink a ton of water. We use a Brita water pitcher with filters for our water.

  6. We have well water which is really nice to drink, but believe it or not it makes some cooked things taste differently--such as tomato sauce for pasta or pizza dough/bread. Not that I am complaining though because I am sure it is much healthier.

    Still, I don't drink enough either.

    The daffodils are a bright spot in an otherwise ugly winter!

  7. Hi Krisha, OMG - I can't believe you can see daffodils! I can't even seen the ground through the snow here! Lucky you. Then again, I do have clean tap water that probably tastes better! It's all relative.

  8. I shared water as my drink today, too! great mind don't you know.
    Poinsettias AND daffodils, that would be a picture!!
    Have a great T day

  9. I've also been trying to drink more water. I found that if I have a water bottle with me I'll drink more than if I have a glass of water with me. Not sure why but I just keep refilling my sports bottle. :)
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Water, the best things for all of us but something that most of forget to have in enough quantities-:) I miss all the greens and blooms here. It is just snow and more snow over here in the East.

  11. Hooray, I sign of spring! Thanks for sharing your daffodil picture on this lovely T Day.

  12. Vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

    No, I'm just kidding, water here too. We used to have really great water too, in fact a company bottled and it sold it as-is. Now it is all fouled up with whatever they put in it. Love the daffodils in bloom. I always thought they were such a pretty flower.

  13. We don't have town water where I live, just what comes from the sky, lol. Love your gorgeous Daffs!

  14. Krisha, I try to drink 30 ounces of water a day. I rarely succeed. I am not giving up wine.

  15. Krisha, I try to drink 30 ounces of water a day. I rarely succeed. I am not giving up wine.

  16. Your daffodils look wonderful and welcome any time of year.
    Water is my favorite drink and I find in winter I have to remind myself to drink enough of it for some reason.
    We have a filter on our kitchen sink that helps make our water taste a lot better.
    Happy T Day to you


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