Saturday, February 1, 2014

Journal 52 week 4: Building Character

This weeks prompt was "Building Character".  So here is my two page layout.  Yes the page to the right is larger.  While my GD, Hannah (who is quite smart for 7 yrs. old) was here last Monday, I was showing her the journal and telling her I'd wished I had started Journal 52 in one of my larger journals.  "Well Grandma, why don't you take the pages off that spring thing (the coil binding) and put them in the binder?"  So while she was here to help me hold this or that I took her suggestion.  Now the holes for the middle ring didn't line up quite right so I just removed a couple of the holes and wha-la!.  The pages are much taller at the top, and a 1" wider, but that's OK.  I really prefer the 9"x 12" journal pages, and the fact that they are heavy duty for mixed media........AND I can still use my binder that STILL need to be finished on the inside......LOL

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  1. I love your Character for this weeks prompt at Journal 52 Krisha so bright and totally full of character. I had to laugh when I read your journaling. The line 'speak when entering a room' was one of my bug bears with our last foster son. He would come into the room and just stand there waiting for you to address him. Definitely lots of wonderful traits there which the youngsters of today don't seem to know or care anything about. Thanks for joining in at Unruly on the Facebook Group and we'd love to see you sharing some of your art such as this page there too! Have a great weekend! Danie May.

  2. Out of the mouths of babes, Smart girl! and a FUN page!
    hugs Lynn

  3. This is driving me nuts I am forever filling out passwords for Blogger. Your journal entry is fabulous. Did you draw it. just love it and the way you added the pages

  4. Great entry. Your GD had a wonderful idea. I think I could cope with pages in a binder, sketchbooks that don't lay flat drive me nuts - and yes I have one.


  5. I'd say your GD is a keeper. She sure helped solve the problem you had with your journal, and you did it in style, too. Good for her.

    Not sure where I've been for two days, but I sure missed this. BTW, I actually knew about stretching the paper, at least I did at one time. However, the things I forget or have forgotten would fill a mountain. Thanks for reminding me. That's sweet of you.

  6. I think you've hit the nail on the head.... kids nowadays aren't raised. Hubby says parents have mistaken having a kid with having a pet. They teach them not to piddle on the carpet and that's about it... Well, I love your two page journal layout here and kudos to your smart granddaughter for fixing your problem!