Monday, February 24, 2014

T stands for Tea with Hannah

 Woot! Woot! Time for T(ea) with our hostess Elizabeth and her fur-baby Bluebeard This week it is pictures of actual tea in china tea cups!  Last Friday I had to pick Hannah up from school, cause her daddy was out of town for a business meeting, and he mom doesn't get off work in time.  Then get her to gymnastics, but with a couple hours in between.  We decided to have some tea together.  I let her smell all the teas and pick out which one she would like to try.  She chose the Berry Mint Classic.  So while our tea steeped, she put on her gymnastic clothes. 
 Since this was our very first "tea" together, and using real tea, I thought it called for the good china cups and saucers.  She used a spoon to sip hers, as it was still rather hot for her even after adding an ice cube.  This is one of the teas I bought at Teavana.  I did sweeten it this time.  It really was a good cup of tea.  Then it was off to gymnastics.
Tuesday's chuckle
I bought a new stamp, while out wine tasting last weekend, and this is the card I made for my friend.  It really is a good character of the four of us that got together for Christmas.  LOL

So what's in your cup today?

Inky Hugs


  1. The first time I visited, I couldn't see your photos. I also couldn't see Voodoo Vixen's. After two shut downs, I can finally see sweet Hannah's face and tea cup. Tea at its finest, that's for sure.

    That card is a hoot. I remember when I was searching for "age" quotes, I saw that one. Of course, it wasn't accompanied by anything so comical as that stamp. You put a lot of work into coloring it, too. I'm super impressed, because those towels look fuzzy, the way shaded them. Truly adorable.

    Happy T(ea)this nearly Tuesday, dear Krisha. BTW, I had to agree with everything you wrote to Julia yesterday/today/whenever. My days and nights are sorely mixed up the first part of every week.

  2. That's neat - I agree the towels look so fluffy!

  3. Nothing makes tea taste better than sharing it with a Granddaughter. You card is a hoot!


  4. I'm sure Hannah will have fond memories of her first tea! Your card made me smile--great quote!

  5. Lovely cups and how civilised of you to introduce Hannah to proper tea!
    LOVE that stamp! The image and the sentiment is fabulous.

  6. adorable photos of your little tea party...and love the stamp of 'growing up is optional!'

  7. very elegant tea cups! i can see i'm going to test teavana's tea offerings. :) that one sounds good.

  8. Special tea parties always taste better in pretty "real" cups...
    thank you for bringing back memories of tea parties when I was a girl ♥ with these cute photos of your darling Hannah...

    That is a great stamp you have there too true!

    Happy T Day

  9. How fun...real tea in real cups. That makes it special.
    Fun card!! Love that saying.
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. how sweet that you and your daughter had tea time- and in the good cups. Love your card!! That would be so perfect for my three friends and I too-great quote and stamp!

  11. I love reading about the wonderful times that you spent with your lovely grand daughter.
    That card is such a lovely piece of work-:) It is so cute and I'm sure your friends would have loved it.

  12. How fun to have a real Tea party, so cute. I love that card, funny and so true. Happy T day to you!

  13. I second that quote on your card. That made me smile ... thanks!
    What a lovely treat to have tea together with Hannah. I am sure she will remember that she got to use Grandma's fine china. Very sweet!

  14. Hi! There are not enough hours in the day, and I ran out of time to visit all the T-Day blogs yesterday. So, here I am on a Wednesday.

    Your tea party looks so fun! That was a great idea that you had.

  15. What's in my cup today? Vodka. But only in my dreams. That image is a hoot! And what a sweet photo of Hannah and her tea.

  16. How lovely to be able to share a proper cup of tea in lovely china with your granddaughter! It always tastes better out of a china cup. Lovely stamped image too!

  17. What a sweetie! First tea in real teacups--nice!
    Love the stamp!!
    Happy belated T-Day! :)