Monday, February 10, 2014

T stands for Travel

This week T stands for travel. My cup this week is a paper cup full of coffee.  We made a quick trip to the San Diego area to visit our youngest son and family, over this past weekend.  When it is just a quick weekend trip we usually stay at the same hotel, The Aries.  It is really a pretty place and Sunday morning I had gone down to get a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise.  Yes, there is a coffee maker in the room, but not the sun rise......LOL  I did run back to the room (well more like a quick walk) and grabbed my camera so I could share this pretty spot on a very pretty day. This first picture is looking into the lobby.
This is where I was sitting having my coffee, a little patio type area across from the lobby. 

Petunias in hanging baskets were glowing as the sun came up and through the trees
This red and purple basket was closest to me, love the sun coming through the leaves and the petals of the flowers.
I do believe these are orange trees in these planters, so pretty with the morning sun hitting them.
 This is the bench right next to the lobby door.  The poinsettias are potted and still blooming since Christmas.  We were here the first weekend of December and they were just putting up the Christmas decorations.  It was just gorgeous!  
This is the lobby sitting area, and my cup on the table.

This swan is a carved wood piece on the coffee table
This little guy guards the door, this statue is so real looking people always do a double take when they see him.

An old wooden Indian stands between the windows.  Love the hurricane lamp on the side table.  I used to have one just like it, many moons ago.

Around in back the sun hadn't quite came over the roof top of the hotel yet.  Just beyond the bank of rock and dirt is the freeway, but you can barely hear it, and can't hear it in the rooms at all.

This tree just fascinated me and I really took a lot of pictures of it, but  I won't share them  all.  It has smooth white bark.
When the branches are it looks like winkles in skin.

Here is the little water fall with flowers all around it.

This is the seating area between the waterfall and the hotel.

They even have a BBQ you can use if your a large group.  We have seen wedding rehearsal gatherings here using this area of the hotel.  They also book a lot of training groups and meeting too. 

The sun finally came up over the  roof top and lit up this little bird house.

By the time I took this picture of my now empty cup my feet were wet and cold from the damp grass.
So this is my Tuesday share.
What are you drinking this morning?
What have you been doing?
I only ask so that you might join us by linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard for T stands for Tuesday or.......well most anything you want it to stand for LOL
Have a great day
Inky Hugs


  1. I dont blame you for wanting to be outside. I love the outdoors especially on holidays. That place you stayed in is to die for. Happy Holidays

  2. What a gorgeous place to stay. watching the sun in the mornings is always glorious. The tree looks very familiar to me, like a eucalyptus or a closely related one. If you had crushed the leaves and smelt them then it would be easy to tell. Try it next time.

  3. My T stands for Travel today too. I had my coffee in the car though, no where near as pretty of some of the places you were sitting with your cup.


  4. What a gorgeous place! Who'd want to spend time indoors with scenery like that!

  5. It's been awhile since I was in San Diego. But I remember those lovely mornings where the sun came up over the horizon that didn't include a snow packed view. I'm so in awe of the scenes you shared with us today.

    Thanks for bringing us on your T trip and sharing your coffee with us today.

  6. i have been so cold lately and enjoyed your patio pictures. it warmed me up just looking at such a scene -a perfect spot for morning coffee.

  7. WOW, what a gorgeous place to stay at. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures, LOVED THEM!! We are knee deep in snow and cold so these pictures are just what I needed today.

    I would stay outside too but the inside was pretty and cozy also. Thanks again, love it!!
    Happy T Day!

  8. oh I am sooo envying you the flowers and warm weather! it was 10 or 11 below zero when we got up this morning (Ohio) so your Travel post has really made my day! thank you!

  9. oh what a beautiful warm and inviting place to stay! Thank you for sharing all the lush greenery and flowers-it really brightened my day considering all I have been really seeing for weeks is snow and ice-no grass even in sight. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  10. Gorgeous picture thanks for sharing.... It seems amazing to see poinsettia and begonias flowering at the same time
    Janet happy tuesday

  11. OMGosh! Looks like summer there! Nice to see green and flowers this time of year. Mine was coffee, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  12. I feel like packing the RV and heading west.

  13. Such a lovely place! I'm not one for trips and traveling but I could see myself relaxing there and taking in the scenery. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures. And indeed, interesting bark on that one tree.

  14. Your gorgeous photos make me long even more for Spring! I like the clever place the logs for the fireplace were stored! Lovely place!

  15. Thank you for sharing these beautiful nature photos Krisha It was a welcoming change from all the snow that is around us.

  16. Thanks for sharing these photos from San Diego. It looks so sunny and warm there! I visited San Diego once, many years ago, and I've always wanted to go back.

    Happy T Day!