Saturday, September 24, 2016

AJJ Back to School

There always seems to be one teacher that stands out in your school memories......not all are your favorites, but they stay in your memories regardless.  I have two, from grade school that I've carried with me for years, one I loved and the other......well, she and I didn't really like each other, as I remember it....LOL! 
The one teacher, that I have fondest memories of, was brought to mind while visiting some of my blog  friends' AJJ-Back to School challenge pages.  Her name was Mrs. Moen and there are many reasons why she was my favorite, besides just being a darn good teacher.  She was my 4th and 5th grade teacher and she always read to the class 30 minutes everyday, and the books could be of our choosing.  We heard wonderful stories, of course we had to behave ourselves to have the honor of being read to.  She was strict, but always fair and always positive. She was also a neighbor, living on the next block down from us, and she was my Sunday School teacher for more than a couple of years.......AND she was the great, great aunt of my best friend......but all that aside, she was my very favorite teacher.
With all that said I did this journal page with her in mind.  It was done on a mop-up paint page, from this summer's activities.  I used a die cut as a stencil, with some black ink along two edges, then took the die cut ( as it was black form the ink) and adhered it to the bottom corner and the top corner.  There were some Gelatoes used to tone down the colors and a block of wood, with a rubber band  wrapped around it to make the hash marks.  I used acrylic paint for the apple and a black marker for the lettering and a little detail work.
This challenge is for the month of September, and I think Elizabeth - The Altered Book Lover has been a fantastic hostess.  There is still time left to join the challenge, it doesn't have to be about teachers as you can see from what other's have linked up with......over HERE.
Happy Crafting


  1. This is such a gorgeous page and a wonderful tribute to your favourite teacher! I am very fond of Mrs. Moen now too, she sounds like an amazing teacher and person, thank you for sharing your heartfelt memories of her! Your art work is so beautiful, the stencil worked really well and your apple looks good enough to eat! Thanks again and enjoy the rest of your weekend! J :-)

  2. What a gorgeous page, Krisha, you have made me very happy by joining us at AJJ for Elizabeth's fun theme! It's great to have good memories of school and good teachers. Hugs, Valerie

  3. A very impressive journal page, Krisha. I thought the die cut worked quite well and the colors you chose were perfect. You have certain done Mrs. Moen proud and you have made me quite happy, too, for joining the Back to School theme at AJJ.

  4. Super tribute with that big juicy red apple.
    The doily patterns around the edges sure are great along with all of the details you added.
    You are so right about teachers standing out and maybe not always for the best reasons lol.
    Hope you're having a very nice weekend. oxo

  5. I love the tribute page you made for your favorite teacher. What a smart idea. Mine was also my 4-5th grade teacher, Mrs. Ames. I am guessing that must be a fun couple of grades to teach. I remember both of those years as really enjoyable. Cool apple. Hope its been a good weekend. Hugs-erika

  6. She must have been a wonderful teacher and your pages is a great tribute! Looks amazing Krisha! Thanks a lot for joining the fun at Art Journal Joureny!
    Great to have you with us!

  7. So nice to have a really good teacher AND that you had her for two years and Sunday School, too! :)

  8. I'm sure Mrs Moen would be delighted to know she made such a positive impression on you that you,d honour her in your art work. It a very strI king piece Krisha. I love the idea of using the rubber band round a block of wood for decoration on your background and your Apple looks very tasty by the way. Barbxx

  9. I like this interesting background and the red painted apple! I also had a teacher I enjoy to remember, but also one I do not - that is real life!

  10. This really is fabulous and a great tribute to your favourite teacher! Hugs, Chrisx