Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Late Bloomers

Goodness, the weeks seem to be speeding up, or is it just the fact that the holidays are breathing down my neck?  Seriously, we are in the LAST week of September already.....wasn't it just July?
I'm not the only one, around here, that is having a hard time believing it's LATE September.......I just snapped this photo of my gladiolas this morning.

Here is one getting ready to bloom too.  Because we live in California, our seasons last a little longer, but this is really pushing it.....even for here. LOL!
These gladiolas are from my Mom's house.........I truly think she was a "flower whisperer".  After dealing with a horrible renter I decided to sell the house.  The only reason these bulbs survived was because they were near a dripping faucet. The sale is pending the buyer selling his other property ( which I am not afraid of him backing out)  He has other rental property, but wanted this house as it is in a really desirable area........and his nephew needs to be in that area, where his kids go to school. I have let his nephew rent the place from me so he could get the kids all settled before school started.
So between cleaning up after a filthy renter and getting all this set up I was going there twice a week, all summer, to water the grass and the flowerbeds.  THAT is when I had the chance to pull up the glads and bring them home.  Most of them were blooming when I transplanted them, so they weathered and died back.................I don't think these three understand that process!
What no art or craftiness this post???  Betsy is in change mode and we are starting to think along the lines of the HO HO holiday, so there is a mish mash of half made things laying all over.  I'm just trying to get some ideas, even though Summer is having her (hopefully) last fling with temps up to 100' (F) predicted for today...ugh! Makes looking at snowflakes a cooling idea.....LOL!
Inky Hugs


  1. Did you know Glads are one of my favorite flowers?? When hubs brings me flowers he brings me a bouquet of Glads not Roses... lol It seems to be staying warmer here later too.... although nothing like your temps... I'm okay as long as it cools down by Halloween...Halloween is meant to be cool and brisk with the leaves flying everywhere...In Texas i could go swimming on Halloween...NOOooooo!LOL One of these years i will make my Christmas cards... i just haven't been that energetic yet... I haven't even started turning my crafting / art colors toward Fall colors yet... i should...but the bright colors are still calling my name as your next PostCard will reflect.. :) Hugs! deb

  2. Yes, time is flyyyyyyyyyyyyyying! Love the flowers. Be happy, hugs, Valerie

  3. My veggie garden is still going strong and I have two new roses on my rose bush as of yesterday. I don't think summer is going anywhere, although the temps have lowered to the low 80s, as opposed to 100 F. So my weather is much like yours and it feels more like mid August than nearly October. Your glads are really lovely, and I was so happy that you pulled them up so they can now live at your home, wherever it might be.

  4. No wonder you don't believe it is almost October--100 degrees! It's 62 degrees up here and chilly--LOL! But I still can't believe how the time has flown. Glad the house will sell and be filled with chidren, too. :)

  5. Beautiful photos. It sounds as if you must be just about running on empty by now. Sounds as if all is going to go ahead ok phew. Hugs, Barbxx