Monday, September 12, 2016

T - La Fonda-Painting

La Fonda is a (one of many) small Mexican restaurant, here in Shafter.  We have more than our share, but that's the demographic of this region.  DH and I prefer this one to any of the others, the food is authentic and it is always served piping hot!

It is a walk up and order, then they bring it to your table, type of place.
The menu has pictures too........incase you can't read Spanish.......LOL!  The prices are reasonable for this area. You might be able to read it if you click on the photo and enlarge it......or just take my word for it...*grin*
I snuck a picture, over the wall, where we were sitting, not many people last Tuesday.  It is usually packed at lunch time, but this was the day after Labor Day.  Rather a boring place, no art on the walls at all, there are three TVs, all on Spanish stations.  All I have is a very limited amount of Spanish, so I occasionally catch a word here and there.
I usually have a diet Pepsi when I come here, not crazy about Styrofoam cups......but the straw helps.  DH orders water and just puts a shot of iced tea in is so weak I wonder why he bothers, I think it is because when you order water you at least get a plastic glass!

The food arrives..........I had a chili verde chimichunga .......a green chili, pork, deep fried burrito...more or less.  They are always this huge! DH had a shredded beef taco and a bean and cheese enchilada, and we shared a side of rice and beans.  I have tried many of their dishes, but this is my favorite......makes my taste buds dance......

........and it is so BIG I get lunch for the next day too!
All these delicious photos are in honor of T Stands for Tuesday......with the T-gang.
During the summer Valarie.......Bastelmania Blog posted this photo:

I just fell in love with it and asked her if I could "attempt" to paint it (always ask permission!)
She said it would be fine, and I could use any of her THAT case I'd be painting forever....for each week she has an array of gorgeous photos she shares.  But I thought I'd start with this one......or attempt it anyway........
I really, really enjoyed painting this, even though the bricks were a bit tricky. Being a stamper, I just made me a stamp, with friendly foam, mounted it on a piece of wood, dipped into the paint and stamped each brick..........I'm NOT the best brick layer......LOL!
So that wraps up this post, time to hop around and see what everyone else is sharing for T-Day!
Inky Hugs



  1. Gorgeous painting. I couldn't tell it was a painting until I really looked closely at it. And that Mexican food looks yummy. I love Mexican food. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  2. oh Krisha , first of all kudos for linking up early this week-you are on the ball! Now I am hungry again for good Mexican food...
    and your painting of Valerie's photo-absolutely gorgeous!!!! Well done! and I love the bricks too:) Happy T day!

  3. It's amazing because I am late getting home tonight because I took Sally to an early dinner after she took me to see Sully in IMAX (my first time ever at an IMAX). I am NOT a fan of chili verde and asked them to keep it off my chili relleno, which they did. Your meal looks delicious, otherwise.

    I was blown away by the painting, and it was fun to read about the bricks, too. It sounds like something I might do, since I can't draw. You did a fantastic job and Valerie is a super person for allowing us to use her photos whenever we wish.

    Thanks for sharing you diet Pepsi and hubby's water, along with that great food and beautiful painting with us for T this week!

  4. Oh, I love Mexican food! We eat at our favorite small-town Mexican restaurant every Sunday. A nifty post here, Krisha. Lots of nice things as always.

  5. I am in love with the beautiful painting you made from the photo, fantastic, and I hope you will use another of my photos to paint one of these days! Great way to do the bricks! Happy T day, that restaurant looks great, and the food sounds delicious. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Well Krisha that painting is amazing!!! Wow! Here's an idea.... ask the mexican restaurant if you can hang your painting there and put a price tag on it... Givve them some commission if it sells...???? Maybe you could send Valerie a print for paintin her photo ??? Food looks yummy!!! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  7. this is such a perfect Adaptation of the photo, you painted it gorgeously! the bricks look so realistic! and the Food... oh my, it is only early morning here and i can´t wait for dinner...
    happy t-day, krisha!

  8. Your painting is so beautiful, the detail you have created is amazing! Mexican food is one of my favouries, the taco and enchilada looks delicious and as for your chimichunga (wasn't it huge, I can see why it lasted for lunch the next day too) - so very scrummy :-). Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. I'm sure Valerie will love your painting taken from the photo, it is fantastic, the brickwork looks great.
    Mexican food is not something easily to find in my part of the UK, I would certainly be trying it after seeing this delicious meal.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  10. Your painting is AH-MAZE-ING!!! WOW! I had to click on it to tell the difference.
    That Mexican food is making me hungry! I may have to stop by our local place for some takeout later. :)

  11. We have a lot of Mexican restaurants here, too, and I love going to them. Your food looks delicious! Happy T Tuesday :)

  12. I am impressed! That painting is brilliant! And what a good idea to make a stamp for the bricks. That way you have them all the same size. Well done you, it looks a lovely painting!
    Luckily I am writing this after dinner, otherwise my mouth would be watering with that lovely Mexican food.
    Happy T-day,
    and a good week ahead,

  13. Haven't eaten Mexican food (and even then not sure how authentic it was) for years. There used to be a chain that seems to have disappeared in these parts! It all looks very delicious though! I love your painting of Valerie's door! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Whoa!!!Awesome job on the painting Krisha!!!!
    Thank you for popping by my blog and seeing my moral work, its much Appreciated!
    Hugs Lynn

  15. Krisha, you have to repost your painting on its on post! There are some folks who might not make it through your lunch photos (looks very like the yummy place we have by us!) and it would be a shame for anyone to miss your painting! You have enormous talent and really captured Valerie's photo to a tee!! And you did your bricks with a handmade foam stamp? Genius!! Hugs, Darnell

  16. I love your painting. Adorable!Idon't like Mexican food so much although it looks delicious!Thank you for popping by my blog!

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