Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Art Journal for Tuesday's Tea

Good morning Blogland!  Have you linked up with Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover for the smashing Tuesday's Tea Party yet?  I'm running a little late (for me) this week.  Decided to clean house last night instead of blogging.  I know..............oooooo yuck!  But it had to be done and since I spent the morning and half the afternoon doing some cleaning and organizing with Betsy (my desk) that just left the evening after having a rest in between......grin.
So this week I'm showing the third page of my "Today" art journal, quite bright as it was done with Sharpie pens.  Even though this is a heavy water color paper they did bleed through.  Yes, today would be a good day to just drink coffee and create, but sadly that will have to wait until later this afternoon.  I have a list of errands to accomplish today that actually started last week, but having a funeral to attend mid-week threw everything off around here.  DH and I have become the creatures of habit we used to criticize our parents for being............LOL  So I will be around to visit everybody, even if it isn't this morning.

Journal 52 prompt this week is "In the City", and I decided to have a little play with perspective, non-perspective and mix it up with humor.  There is a painting that I had to study in my art history class.........way back in high school, that was so out of perspective that it drove me crazy.  I just remember the painting, not the artist or the name of the painting, 'cause I've slept since then.....LOL
Anyway I did this rather late at night, and didn't like it, so I went to bed.  The next morning I had decided I would start again, but when I looked at it my first thought was "I like it" even with the windows being out of perspective (which will drive me crazy) and the goofy eyes everywhere.  Why the eyes everywhere?  Well, to me the city can be kind of spooky late at night.
So now it is time for me to  LINK UP with Elizabeth and maybe make it to a few fellow bloggers before I hit the road a running.......grin
Inky Hugs


  1. Ha! I love it! Yes, when you are in the city it does seem like eyes are everywhere. You are being observed by someone or another.


  2. Ahhhh, the dreaded house cleaning! It always impedes upon the fun, doesn't it!? Love your work with a Sharpie. Who would've thought it could be so artsy! Happy T-day!

  3. Love your pages. Perspective drawings always make me think of junior as the only unit in art class that I actually got a decent grade in.
    Happy Tuesday!!

  4. These are both great! The doodled mushroom and the googly eyes...all of it. Oh, and those Sharpies will bleed through just about anything unless you get the new Sharpie pens (fine) that are made to NOT bleed through paper. I was doubtful, but they are darn good. Happy T-Day! :)

  5. I love that colorful page in your tea journal. Very cool the way the "C" in create highlights the center of the flower!

  6. The watchers on the wall :) very cool pages...both!
    Happy t day :)

  7. I can tell you're an art major. Your Today page is superb and SO, so colorful. I like everything about it.

    I also like your cityscape. It reminds me of a song I keep trying to remember that has something about the city has eyes. Not sure who sung it, when, or even what type of song it was, but I somehow remember those few words.

    Thanks for sharing those lovely journal pages with us for T this Tuesday. So sweet of you to take time away from your housework to join us this week.

  8. oh those eyes a creepy and funny at the same time! you never know when someone is watching you...I like the results of your perspective. I never much liked doing those exercises in school though! ♥

  9. I'm a city girl, and I like it that cities are crowded with people. Eyes everywhere can be a good thing. :) I like the picture!

  10. I don't find the buildings creepy at night, but the people on the street! Great pages.Happy T day