Monday, September 1, 2014

Putting my feet up for T Stands for Tuesday and a Thank YOU

Labor Day weekend is almost at an end and I am putting my feet up and calling it over!  This whole past week has been a hurricane of activities, regular everyday life stuff, getting ready for two birthday parties and sneaking in a long visit with friends.

This was my wine glass from Sunday nights birthday party.  I was going to crop it, but the theme was UCLA Bruins.  Have to say I wrote the date on my calendar, that stays on Betsy, then went to the kitchen and wrote it on Saturday.  Needless to say we showed up a day EARLY!   LOL.  But it turned out to be a great, long over due, visit with our friends that evening.  And that's how I got roped into helping set up for the party! The birthday girl, Karen, turned 40!  I baby sat her when she was in Kindergarten........wooooop, sliiiip,......plop!  Just where did those 35 years wonder off to?  Well, Karen is a BIG Bruins ( LA collage football team) fan, and thus the colors on the table. I went out early that afternoon and helped our friend get things set up for the party.  I got to visit with Keith, their youngest son, and see his baby boy for the first time.  Their oldest son, Lance and his family were up from San Diego, so I visited with them too.  We do see Lance and his family when we go to San Diego, they don't live to far from our youngest son.  Lance is the same age as our OLDEST son........confused yet?  I just call them all family.
Karen really, really wanted these boots for her birthday.
Her Dad tracked them down and got them for her.
Today was the birthday party for an eight year old, that is also considered "Family" and does call me Grandma.  I did get her card scanned and post this morning before having to get ready and leave. You can see it HERE
the party girls waiting for cup cakes

the birthday girl, Rachel, wearing the sicker I put on the
back of the envelope of her card.

It was a MUSTACH party, thus the sticker on the envelope and Rachel
wearing it.
Wheew! No more birthdays for a while now.
For all the T-day followers you might remember last month Elizabeth had a drawing, and drew my name.  Well, I got my prize late last Tuesday afternoon and could hardly contain my self from sharing it before today.  Now I'm not as patient as Elizabeth, cause I tore it open as soon as I got it into the house........LOL   What a WONDERFUL surprise!  Look what she sent me.
The front cover
This Awesome book she made with her dyed fabrics and laces, and trims and laces and pictures sewn into it!!!  I keep thumbing through it and keep finding things I haven't notice before.

my favorite page....LOVE the flower against the black background
THANK YOU ELIZABETH and BLUEBEARD ( cause I know he HELPED.....grin)  and Elizabeth I sent you an email, or anyway I thought I did.  Now I'm not sure cause of the crazy week this has been.
What is all tis craziness about?  Why it time to link up for T(ea) with Elizabeth the Altered Book Lover!
I decided to become a Perfectly Posh consultant, just to add to the craziness.  It is a product that I whole heartedly believe in and use daily.  I'm still trying to learn all the ins and outs, and the contacts I need to make.....ya know old dogs and new tricks!!! I'll add a page at the top (sooner or later this week) of this blog for anybody that is interested.  I really want to keep it separate as much as possible with out starting a new blog.  I a like to have everything in one place, with in arms reach....LOL  Besides I don't know if I am ready to run TWO BLOGS!
Okay, time to link it up with Elizabeth, hope you'll join us if you haven't already.
Inky Hugs


  1. Congrats on the fab win !
    And you are right ! Time flies and we fly with it ​​.. but it is to good to have friends and family , for we are all angels with only one wing you know!

    Happy T-Day!

  2. First, WHEW!! So glad you got it. Nope, haven't heard a word from you till now. BTW, the edges are supposed to go outward. I just folded them in so they would fit in the envelope. I'll do a proper entry soon, because this was a BUST from the beginning to end. However, I'm thrilled you like it, and I chose the right colors for you.

    It must be hard to have two parties so close together with girls so close together in age. The mustache party looks like fun, but I still like the Shark one better. Of course, mustaches are the big rage. I even have a roll of mustache inspired washi tape I was given.

    Your friend's party must have been fun, too. Bruins fan, huh? She'll definitely wear those boots with pride. Lucky gal.

    Thanks for taking us to both those parties this week. I STILL think you'll be tired as anything by Wednesday. And thanks for sharing your wine with us for T this week.

  3. Another party? I think you go to or have more parties than anyone I know. These both look like fun. I like those boots and the mustache sticker on the young lady is cute as can be. Congrats on winning the art from Elizabeth. While it is interesting to see art on blogs it is so much better to see it in person.


  4. whew-I'll be the wine tasted especially good after all that activity! What a great gift to receive those special boots. Those girls look like they're saying "get on with the photos we want cupcakes"! Sweet card you made for Rachel. I'd never heard of this product you're going to sell. Good luck with your new adventure, and happy T day!

  5. oooh-how could I forget? That fabric book from Elizabeth is just exquisite-I love that flower page too!

  6. Sounds like there's been a lot of excitement for you lately. I'm glad you have a chance now to prop up your feet and ease up a bit.

    What a lovely book! Congratulations!

  7. Wow you sure have been busy with all those parties! It is fun to get together with so much "family". Elizabeth's gift is beautiful.

  8. Party Girl--LOL!! Congrats on winning the book!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  9. What a fabulously busy post with super photos of fun birthday times, very cool boots and happy mail! Happy T day :D4
    Thank you for your comment on my T post :D

  10. Great party those boots, and who knew that little girls would like a 'mustache party?!' fun stuff...and lucky you to get one of E's gorgeous sewn journals! you will have to show us the pages as you finish them...I know they will be gorgeous. :) congrats on the consultant thing...will be looking for your new creations & ideas!

  11. Wow! What great gift you have received from Elizabeth! It seems my dear friend you are having a lovely time with all the birthday parties.

  12. That's quite a special present for the older birthday girl! Plus the cupcake gala looks great.

  13. You have been one busy bunny! You need the week off to get over it all!
    Lovely book there.

  14. Lucky Lucky YOU!!!! And a busy lady to boot :)